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The Horizon (newsletter)

The Horizon is published twice a year, one for each semester. It features events big and small that students participate in. Students’ reflections of their learning and challenges are also documented. The photographs capture students in action and their joy in learning both in and out of school. Sometimes, the students are the guest writers of the articles. Don't miss out our issues each semester to be kept informed on what YCKSS students experience in school. You can also find this on our YCKSS Facebook page

After battling the pandemic for a year, the fifth and latest edition of The Horizon features our student's and staff's agility as we continue to embrace life in the new normal. From Learning Journeys to the National Digital Literacy Programme (NDLP), read our stories and experience a new horizon beyond the pandemic!

Issue 5 (Jan - May 2021)
Issue 5 (Jan - May 2021)
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In 2020, in the year of COVID-19, instead of an e-newsletter, we decided to create a documentary to capture in film the rich narratives of different students and staff.

Here are 3 videos that document the personal stories as we navigated this challenging yet meaningful journey together through the different stages in managing the disruption to learning.

Video 1 (January to March - school life before Home-Based Learning (HBL) period)

Video 2 (April to May - Full HBL and May school holidays)

Video 3 (June to October - school re-opens to a new normal)

First day of school re-opening on 2 June 2020 saw reporters from different news channels visiting the school.
Read the articles or watch the news broadcast here or you can also find them in our social media streams such as Instagram and Facebook.

The links to the articles can be found here:

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