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School Theme

School Theme 2018 – Together, We are Stronger

As we usher in a new beginning for the merged school, we want to establish a positive energy to harness our good intentions and, with our school partners, make a difference in the community. We are committed to finding innovative ways to sustain the momentum of what Yio Chu Kang Secondary School and Chong Boon Secondary School do best.

Charles Darwin noted that in nature, it is neither the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent, but one who is most responsive to change. Our staff and students need to be able to connect seemingly separate dots and create knowledge, even as society changes. At YCKSS, the student is the central focus of what we do. We want every student to be equipped to thrive in a world that may contain many contradictions, rapid changes and rich opportunities. To do so, we wish to develop our students in the core values. We hope to build programmes to help students cherish their school experiences. We want to help teachers to guide minds, shape character, and grow aspirations. We are committed to nurturing Competent Learners, Confident Leaders, Caring Innovators. We hope to nurture students of character who thrive through love of learning and a willingness to grow and lead in meaningful service to self and others.

The world is rapidly moving at a pace previously unimagined. Indeed, this changing world contains many second chances. We hope our students learn to see possibilities in failures and disappointments. How we bounce back from mistakes is a test of our capacity to reframe our thinking creatively so that we can take active control of the situation and continually improve.

So let us live up to our motto – Pursuit of Knowledge, Service to All. This motto has served the school very well from its birth in 1965 till present day. It is an enduring wisdom. Through the desire to learn, one is richly empowered to improve lives – not just for ourselves, but others around us. Whatever you give, you will be rewarded many folds. We hope all our students discover the true wisdom of our motto and are inspired to live rewarding and meaningful lives.