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School Theme


Each New Year introduces another School Theme. In 2021, we focus on nurturing Hope. Although the COVID-19 pandemic last year shook the nation and disrupted lives, our experiences have shown us that we are capable of learning fresh ways of dealing with the challenges and that by working together, we can contribute enormously to creating a safe environment for living and learning. Riding on the courage we have exhibited so far, we look forward to 2021, filled with excitement about the fresh possibilities it will bring.

Some things have become very clear to us. We have discovered that each one of us has good qualities and we can depend on one another for help. We can all learn. We can all lead. In addition, all of us are capable of forming new solutions to solve real problems. In these ways, every YCKSian is a Learner, a Leader, and an Innovator.

As 2021 unfolds, we anticipate that it will not be an easy year. We will continue to face many challenges and have no choice but to adapt the way we live and learn. These will require us to work even harder than before and continue to collaborate in innovative ways to see us through. Some of you will do very well and discover new strengths and interests. For some others, the troubles ahead will test your beliefs, values and skills in unexpected ways. Steady your nerves and calm your mind. Search in your heart to identify worthy options. Reach out to others and be encouraged by them. Celebrate the good and pass it on. In other words, regardless of good times or bad times, make conscious effort to surround yourself with goodness and send out positive vibes.

Dr Jonas Salk, the medical pioneer who discovered the first successful vaccine for polio in the 1950s, is famous for his interpretation of Hope. Dr Salk was the man who saved millions of children. He held a steadfast belief that there had to be a cure for the horrifying childhood disease called poliomyelitis. No one thought it was possible. Around the world, parents lived in fear, hoping the highly infectious virus would not strike their child or teenager. It could cripple or kill without warning. In 1952, the virus was the deadliest, infecting 2 million children just in America. Working against time, he led a team to find the cure. He even tested the vaccine on himself. When he finally succeeded, he refused to patent his invention, believing that the vaccine should be freely available to every child around the world. Dr Salk had a very high hope for medical science. He had a dream for children. However, he didn’t just do wishful thinking. Through his qualities, he demonstrated very clearly, what Hope should mean. Perhaps he is the best person to teach us about Hope. He said,

“Hope lies in dreams, in imagination, and in the courage 

of those who dare to make dreams into reality.”

Dream big dreams. Live life filled with hope. Use imagination to find your way around obstacles and see new opportunities. Most of all, use Hope to power your dreams and create new ideas of success. If you live each day with Hope, you invite fresh growth and new learning. Therefore, in 2021, we want to encourage the special power of Hope in every YCKSian.