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School Theme 2019 – Learning with Confidence

We always begin a fresh year with renewed hopes for a better one than the one we had before.  Wrapped up in our aspirations for every new beginning is the wish to encounter as few problems as possible.  And that if we do meet a problem, we hope we will have the skill and luck to come out of the challenge with the best outcome. Thus, our goals for the year sincerely start with the best intentions. We promise ourselves that we will make every effort to learn better and live better. To ensure we do this well, the theme for 2019 reminds us the importance of Learning with Confidence. This means we want to make sure that we strengthen our foundation and learn how to learn more effectively. In this way, we equip ourselves with the key to success in meeting challenges. In a rapidly changing world, knowing how to learn helps us confront uncertainties with confidence. Each time we learn with confidence, we grow and get even better.

Most problems in life come from two reasons: either because we act without thinking, or, we keep thinking without acting.  Problems do not disappear without deliberate actions and planning. It is useless to only think you want something.  You have to feel you want it.  For instance, if you have a problem finding interest in studying, thinking that you need motivation will not change things.  You have to feel the emotion of wanting to change. You have to confront your fears and believe you can tackle your problems. No matter how many mistakes we make, or how slow we progress, we are still way ahead of everyone else who is not trying. Confidence means knowing how to handle the worst that can happen. So we should be brave and make the effort to consciously learn and improve. In this way, we keep building our confidence. Once we demonstrate confidence in learning, we discover we can learn.  We can all learn.

Learning with Confidence is a powerful survival tool. It makes us sure that we are able to adapt. If we can make learning a lifelong habit, we can always bridge the gap in knowledge and skills that we will face in a new situation. Therefore, let us use 2019 to strengthen our ability to Learn with Confidence.

Look back and get Experience. 

Look forward and see Hope.
Look around and find Reality. 

Look within and find Confidence.