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Examination Subject Information & Time Tables

At YCKSS, we encourage students to become Competent Learners.  To demonstrate their academic mastery and readiness for the following year, we provide students with subject information to guide their preparation for the examinations.  Also available here is the latest version of the Exam Time Table for each course and level.

Click the links in the table for the details.  This will be refreshed for each semester.

Subject information

(Topics covered in End-of-Year)

Exam Time Tables

Sec 1 N(T)
Sec 1 
Sec 1 N(A)
 Sec 1E
Sec 2 N(T)  Sec 2
 Sec 2 N(A)
Sec 2E 
 Sec 3 N(T)  Sec 3 N(T) 
 Sec 3 N(A) Sec 3 N(A) 
 Sec 3E   Sec 3E