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Enhanced School Measures for COVID-19

Keeping Our Students and Staff Safe – Responding to DORSCON Orange

On 7 February 2020, MOE announced further precautionary measures to enhance the current provisions in schools to protect our students and staff. This was in response to the Ministry of Health’s risk assessment of DORSCON Orange. Our school has intensified efforts to continue to safeguard the welfare of our students and staff. This is important as we want to ensure that learning carries on meaningfully. Some of these extra precautionary steps include the following:

  1. We are reducing the exposure of students to the public and avoid the mixing of students across schools. Thus, we have suspended all external school activities and inter-school activities until the end of the March school holidays. These include the National School Games as well as activities such as learning journeys. Other activities may be modified to preserve rich learning.
  2. We will continue not to hold large gatherings or mass assemblies in school.
  3. Besides the visual checks at all entry points into the school, we will continue daily temperature taking for staff and students. In addition, the school has introduced a second temperature taking for those who remain in school for after school for activities, such as CCA practices or remedial lessons.
  4. There are additional steps to visitor management. E.g. all visitors are screened and temperature taken.
  5. In conducting visual checks throughout the day, teachers are alert to students who look unwell or have not fully recovered from an illness. We will contact parents and advise them to let their child rest further at home to fully recover.
  6. There is an intensified routine of cleaning of classrooms, special learning spaces and facilities, and the common areas. Teachers are also reminding students to regularly wash their hands with soap.

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Mrs Carol Lim