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SWC Activites

Staff Well-being Committee (SWC) Activities

The Staff Well-being Committee (SWC) adopts the PIES approach, looking into the physical, intellectual, emotional and social well-being pf the staff. The school aims to develop an engaged staff who care for self and others. Some of the plans in promoting staff well-being and satisfaction include identifying staff needs, staff well-being programmes and activities and providing a safe and secure environment.


Title of activity: Chinese New Year Celebrations

Description of event:  
This Ox-picious year saw our staff having to adapt our traditional photo-taking session. Instead of the entire staff coming together, this year we stood in solidarity with our departments as we welcomed a new but better year. Huat ah!

SL1.jpegSchool LeadersAED1.jpegStudent Support Team

SMC5.jpegSchool Management CommitteeDE.jpegDesign & Enterprise

EAS_gp1c.jpegEAS 1EAS_gp2b.jpegEAS 2

PE2.jpegPE DepartmentHumanities.jpegHumanities Department

EL2.jpegEnglish DepartmentMath.jpegMathematics Department

MTL1.jpegMother Tongue DepartmentScience.jpegScience Department

Title of activity: EAS Learning Day

Description of event:
Did you spend the December holidays cooking up a storm in the kitchen? For the EAS, 12 December 2020, was the day they donned aprons and became chefs in a special culinary workshop they attended in school. Look at the all the dishes they managed to whip up! Stuffed Portobello mushroom, chicken sliders, brownies, and cheesecake cups. Is your mouth watering yet?


Title of activity: Joy of Learning

Description of event:
There was a buzz of excitement in the air among the staff on 18 November 2020 when they saw the Mystery Boxes at their work stations. It was the Joy of Learning Day, a day of making learning become fun for the staff. It was planned by SWC in collaboration with the Science Department. Mystery boxes were finally unpacked and instructions on crystal-making were given online for staff to go on an enjoyable journey of discovery, collaborative learning and a-ha moments. It was a memorable day of experimentation, reflection and making connections with work. 

The photos capture the introduction to crystals via the use of technology, crystal growing and formation, reflection on the highlights of the year by the departments.


Title of activity: CNY Hamper Making Competition 

Description of event:
The main aim of the activity was to encourage the staff to work together and to reach out to the needy families in the community. The staff participated enthusiastically and managed to complete 22 hampers within half an hour. The hampers were donated to the needy families at the Thye Hwa Kuan Senior Activity Centre in Ang Mo Kio.

Quotes from participants:
“You should have seen the buzz of activity on that day!” “Hamper making allowed us to show appreciation to the helpers in school or the elderly.”
1 All hands on board.JPG 2 Putting them together.JPG
All hands on board How do I put them together?
3 Stack them up (1).JPG 4 The finishing touch.JPG
Stack them up Putting the finishing touch

5 Gong Xi Gong xi.JPG
Gong Xi Gong Xi

Title of activity: Chinese New Year Celebration - Lohei 

Description of event:
Every year, the staff of YCKSS celebrate Chinese New Year with Lohei or 捞鱼生. This activity fosters bonding among the staff while letting all experience the vibrant traditions and culture of the Chinese.

Quotes from participants:
“I enjoyed the company of my colleagues while having the Yusheng”
“During the Lohei I wished for good ‘O’ Level results!”

IMG_0032.JPG IMG_0036.JPG
Gathering for a good toss Multiracial lohei celebration
IMG_0045.JPG IMG_0048.JPG
Tossing for good fortune “Huat Ah!”

Title of activity: Durian Feast 

Description of event:
At the durian feast held on 31st July 2019, our staff were spoiled for choices. With a variety of fruits to choose from, the King of fruits was definitely the favourite. Staff who tried the Mao Shan Wang (MSW) durian, known to be the premium type, commented on its rich, bitter and heavily rich flavour.

It was indeed a great way to end the day and we had an enjoyable bonding session over the feasting.

Quotes from participants:
“I enjoyed the time set aside to bond over the many types of fruits.”
“The fruits were yummy and we were spoiled for choices.”

The MSW Durian.jpg The man in the house.jpg
The MSW durian Male bonding over durians
Fruits Feast.jpg All smiling for durian.jpg
A fruit feast Happy and contented faces


Title of activity: Monthly Theme Dressing

Description of event:
Monthly Theme Dressing helps to bond staff and to commemorate certain events such as World Water Day, Earth Day…etc:
The themes so far have been:-
1. Valentines Day (Pink)
2. World Water Day (Sea of Blue)
3. Earth Day (Green)
4. White
5. Yellow and Gold
6. Rose Quartz

Quotes from participants: 
“It is interesting to see how the staff were able to dress in different shades of the same colour”

CNY.jpg valentines.jpg
January - Red  CNY   February - Pink Valentines Day 
blue.jpg April.jpg
March   Blue instils confidence and inspires feelings of trust, loyalty and integrity. It is also to commemorate World Water Day.  April Green has a strong association as a refreshing and peaceful colour that evokes feeling of abundance and a plentiful environment while providing a restful and secure feeling.
orange2.jpg PARANORMAL readers.jpg
 May- Orange Theme (New) July- is associated with light, goodness, purity and perfection. (New)
August - Red and White October -Yellow is a compelling colour that is uplifting, illuminating and associated with success and confidence.(New)

Title of activity: Potluck Breakfast Session
Description of event:
The staff welfare committee had organised a Brunch Potluck session during Marking Day. Food has always been a successful way to bring staff from different department together. Every department was invited to bring a few different types of food. There was a splendid array of food on the table. Staff enjoyed themselves.
Quotes from participants: 
“It is interesting to see how the staff were able to dress in different shades of the same colour”
Quotes from participants: 
“I enjoyed the potluck session very much. I was able to eat and bond with my colleagues.”
“Everyone was generous in bringing so much food to the table.”

A wide spread of halal food on the table

Dessert and light food on the table


Title of activity: Staff Appreciation Day 5th Sept

Description of event:
The grouping for the bowling activity was done so that every team had a mixed number of bowlers from school leaders to the EAS staff. There was much bonding during the event. It was an event that favoured no male or female bowlers. All 120 bowlers had an equal chance of doing well for the team. At the end of the day, hidden talents in bowling emerged and the rest had a very joyful day.

Quotes from participants:
  • “The bowling activity was a very successful event. Everyone had an enjoyable time. First time bowlers enjoyed themselves even with the ball going into the ‘lonkang’ and jumping with joy with each spare or strike!’
  • “It was an event suitable for all in the family and it didn’t matter if the pins were not falling, we simply had fun!”
  • “Yeah, school should have more of these activities. So much fun just watching how others bowl !”
A Bowling Event for All in the Family !

Staff retreat and celebrations

Objective: To foster strong and cohesive teams through a team building staff retreat.

Title of activity: Staff Retreat at Superpark Singapore

Description of event: 
On 27th June, the YCKSS SWC organised the annual staff retreat at Superpark Singapore. That was definitely a day filled with unstoppable fun, excitement and lots of laughter, as our staff channelled their energies to outwit one another in the various mini competitions. Indeed aligning to their “Made To Move” tagline, everyone had a really good workout by taking part in the various mini games. Participation in the activities not only promoted teamwork and bonding, but also a healthy lifestyle for everyone!

Quotes from participants:
“The games promoted inclusivity and everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, we saw the child in everyone again.”
Raring to go.jpg Footballers in the Making.jpg
 Raring to go  Footballers in the Making

F1 Lewis Hamilton.jpg
F1 Lewis Hamilton?

Keep Calm and Play.jpgKeep Calm and Play


Title of activity: Professional Development

Description of event:
Professional development sessions ensure that staff continue to strengthen their practice throughout their career.
The key learning programmes for 2019 are Assessment for Learning (AfL), Differentiated Instruction (DI) and ICT in Pedagogy using The Student Learning Space (SLS).

Quotes from participants:
“I learnt how to make use of ICT to gather feedback on student learning.”
“I will make an effort to cater to the different learning needs of the students by incorporating some of the DI strategies.”
A round table discussion in progress.jpg Harnessing the power of technology.jpg
 A round table discussion in progressPlugged into technology 
All eyes and ears.JPGLooking into the future.JPG
 All eyes and earsLooking into the future 
Sharing words of wisdom.jpg
Articulating the viewpoints of the group