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Professional Development Activities

YCKSS nurtures a growth mind set in our staff, as well as advance our collective capacity by sharpening the professional knowledge and technical competencies of our varied roles. Professional development sessions improve and increase the range of opportunities for teachers to develop their professional capabilities. 

PD 1

One of the key learning programmes for 2020 is in the area of Supporting Students with Special Needs (SEN).

Quotes from participants:
"I have learnt strategies to support students with diverse learning needs." 

I will make an effort to cater to the different learning needs of the students by incorporating some of the DI strategies."

Our Allied Educators sharing their knowledge with the staff:
20200122_150618.jpgMs Poh20200122_153632.jpgMr Tan
20200122_152222.jpgMr Koh20200122_153905.jpgMs Carmelia

PD 2

“The purpose of staff development is not just to implement isolated instructional innovations; its central purpose is to build strong collaborative work cultures that will develop the long-term capacity for change.” 
(Michael Fullan, 2009)

Another key learning programme that the school embarked on in 2020 was in the area of e-Pedagogy.

The Professional Learning Teams (PLT) were called Student Learning Space (SLS) PLTs. The focus was on levelling up the teachers’ capacity to design ICT-enabled learning experiences to enable active learning.

Quotes from participants:
“The time, space and the expertise provided the PLTs opportunities to meet to design lessons in SLS.”

“The PD model, “Learn by Doing” considered learners’ needs, the intended outcomes and the evidences of learning.”

2020-03-04 at 16.04.20 (4).jpegExperts guiding the discussion2020-03-04 at 16.04.20 (2).jpegMore heads are better than one!20200219_153832.jpgOverview of the SLS PLT
20200304_155933.jpgEngagement of minds20200304_160054.jpgHappy faces after completion20200311_150315.jpgFacilitation of the PLT Session

PD 3

A whole school approach in implementing 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

The teachers were trained in ‘Begin with the End in Mind’, which ties in with our school's Target Setting sessions.

Quotes from participants:
"It was fun participating in the hands-on activities."

"I learnt how to use scope the activities so that students can understand the problems they face daily."

20200205_152933.jpgReaching out20200205_152915.jpgWhich way is North?20200205_153058.jpgPushing that 5% more