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School Advisory Committee

The School Advisory Committee (SAC) was newly formed after the merger of Yio Chu Kang Secondary School and Chong Boon Secondary School in 2018. The new committee is made up of members from both former schools' committee, and they aim to help bring out the best in our school and students. Their many contributions include the SAC-YCKSS Resilience award. This award was initiated by the SAC in 2018 to recognize students who have been able to achieve excellence against all odds and challenges.

Committee Members



Mr Oh Keh Yew William 


Dr Chey Chor Khoon


 Mrs Carol LimHonorary Secretary 

Ms Linda Ong


Mrs Wong Yee Mei


Mr Tok Hock Soon


Mr Kenneth Siow Itming


Ms Annie Chin


Mr Yeo Shiwei Herald


Resilience Award Recipients

Joven Chong Han Yew from 4T1

Joven Chong Han Yew.jpgJoven Chong Han Yew1.jpg

Joven had struggled with his CCA, NCDCC in Secondary One. He was not confident in giving commands and faced difficulties with foot drills and many other tasks required of him for NCDCC. Despite the many challenges that he faced, he persevered on and never gave up on his goal of being a Warrant Officer. He put in extra effort by practising his foot drills and knot tying on his own. His resilience and hard work paid off when he was promoted to Warrant Officer in Secondary Four and achieved the Gold Award for Foot Drills.

Wong Joon Yao Ernest from 4A1
Wong Joon Yao Ernest1.jpgWong Joon Yao Ernest.jpg

Ernest has been a role-model for many of his peers. Despite being wheel-chair bound, Ernest refuses to allow this physical restriction in movement to get the better of him. He remains positive and has a ready smile for everyone. He also has a can-do attitude in dealing with the many different challenges that he has faced. In addition, Ernest is committed to serve the community in any way that he can, when he is not able to, he would find alternatives to play his part to help others.

Wong Quan Yan from 4E1
Wong Quan Yan.jpgWong Quan Yan 1.jpg

Quan Yan has faced many issues with his health since Secondary Two. Despite the many challenges that he has experienced, he has never let any of his situations get to him. He never once used it as an excuse, instead he would work harder and go the extra mile in order to catch up on school work and would always put his best in his studies. His determination to excel has led him to overcome the many challenges that he has faced.