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In Our School

YCKSS provides students with a rich range of activities outside the classroom to expose, engage and enrich students’ experiences in the school. Here are some of the activities that students look forward to. To find out more details of each activity, please go to The Horizon (Our Newsletter) and also our YCKSS Facebook  Link and Instagram  Link  for the latest updates.

Level Camps
The Level Camps aim to bond the Form Teachers and the class through out of classroom experiences. Held over 2 – 3 days, the camps create a common experience for all students, and strengthen school’s identity and belonging. They also build positive Teacher-Student Relationship. Through these activities, we help students discover the joy of learning.

Each level has its own theme:

Sec 1 Discovery.png
Secondary One "Discovery" - Learning about Self and Other (Self-Leadership)
Sec 2 Synergy.png
Secondary Two "Synergy" - Enhancing Strength (Peer Leadership)
Sec 3 Resilience.png
Secondary Three "Resilience" - Attaining Resilience and Unity 
 Sec 4 Future.png Secondary Four "Future" - Determining the Future 

Level Camps 2018: The Horizon Issue 1 (page 1)

2 Sports Carnival.JPG

Health Fiesta Week and Sports Carnival
Health Fiesta which culminates in Sports Carnival Day is a week-long event that is much anticipated by the students. It enhances students’ engagement in physical robustness and healthy lifestyle through a variety of fun and simple activities. There is no better medium than Sports to enhance social cohesion and interaction for students from all levels to interact.

Health Fiesta Week and Sports Carnival 2018: The Horizon Issue 1 (page 8)

3 Showtime.jpg


Showtime gives students an avenue for self-expression because of the talents emerging from the school’s Arts, Media and Design Programme. Showtime provides a conducive space for students after school to entertain their peers, performing in an informal setting with full technical facilities. It is held twice a year, with one Showtime each semester.

Showtime Semester 1, 2018: The Horizon Issue 1 (page 10)
Showtime Semester 2, 2018: The Horizon Issue 2 [coming up]

4 Speech Day.jpg

Speech and Prize Giving Day 

Our annual Speech and Prize Giving Day is a time to recognise the good work by the school and our graduating cohort of students. In addition, it is also a celebration of our students’ talents as all the performing arts groups such as the Dances, Choir, Band and Drama will put up an amazing concert that always leaves the audience asking for more.

Speech and Prize Giving Day 2018: The Horizon Issue 1 (page 12)

5 Active Learning Week.jpg
ACTive Leaning Week
The ACTive Learning Week is part of the school’s continuing effort to provide our students with a holistic education. Each level has different engaging and fun activities planned for them during this week to help students build skills and confidence that will serve them well throughout their lives. Taking place after Mid Year and End of Year Examinations, the programme is deliberately planned to take students out of the classroom and learn beyond the textbook.

ACTive Learning Week (I), 2018: The Horizon Issue 1 (page 14)
ACTive Learning Week (II), 2018: The Horizon Issue 2 [coming up]

Safety and Security Exercises
School safety, security and care are taken seriously. Security exercises and fire drills are conducted regularly so that staff and students can respond with confidence and calm in an emergency.

Safety and Security Exercises: The Horizon Issue 2 [coming up]