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Connecting Globally

The Internationalisation Programme in YCKSS aims to provide opportunities for our students to develop global perspectives through meaningful Overseas Educational Programmes, Overseas Twinning Programmes and Hosting Programmes involving students and educators from foreign schools.

These programmes are specially designed with learning objectives, complemented with opportunities for cultural interaction between our students and their buddies. Through these experiences, we hope to develop in our students the 21st Century Competencies of global awareness and cultural sensitivities, as well as deepen their commitment and rootedness to Singapore.

To find out more details of each activity, please go to The Horizon (Our Newsletter) and also our YCKSS Facebook  Link and Instagram  Link  for the latest updates. 

1 Hangzhou.JPG

Overseas Twinning Programme (Hangzhou-Ningbo) 2018: The Horizon Issue 1 (page 15)

2 Hong Kong.jpg

Overseas Educational Programme (Hong Kong) 2018: The Horizon Issue 1 (page 17)