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Learning with Technology

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A vibrant school community of competent, responsible and innovative digital users

To grow the digital capacity of staff and students and support them in embracing and integrating the use of technology in teaching and learning effectively The ICT Department seeks to support digital learners in a technology-rich school environment, focusing on three key areas:

Access to Technologies
Providing all staff and students with convenient access to up-to-date, convenient and reliable ICT infrastructure and services, including digital devices, resources and technical support. Learning should no longer be confined to the classrooms, but can take place anytime, anywhere to meet the learning needs of students.

Digital Skills and Fluencies
Enabling students to develop key 21st century skills and competencies, including the ability to:
• use basic and specialised digital tools to learn and solve problems;
• access, collate and analyse digital information;
• learn, work together and collaborate through a digital media;
• innovate and create digital products.

Ownership and Digital Wellness
Growing students to be global digital citizens who are able to exercise autonomy in the choice and use of digital resources that will best meet their learning needs, and who will always take responsibility in safeguarding the well-being of themselves and their peers when using digital platforms.

Leveraging Google Applications for T&L
The school began its journey of leveraging Google applications, particularly Google Classroom, for T&L in 2017. In 2018, the ICT Department continues to strengthen its efforts to equip teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to make effective use of the applications to enable active and deep learning by students. A group of teachers will attend a special training to learn more about Google Classroom and other Google applications for education, and embark on the process to get themselves certified as Google educators. These teachers will play the role of champions in their respective departments subsequently to support the other teachers in using the applications to enhance and impact student learning.

Key Personnel IC: Mr Desmond Pang [HOD ICT] (ext: 115)