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Environmental Education

A community of environmentally-conscious staff and students.

The Environmental Education in YCKSS aims to nurture responsible staff and students who show respect and do their part for the environment.

With the rich heritage and strength of both Yio Chu Kang Secondary and Chong Boon Secondary in environmental matters, the merged school continues to commit to developing programmes to support environmental education and efforts.

Our Eco-icon, Amber the Anemonefish
Staff and students co-created our first eco-icon, Amber the Anemonefish. The anemonefish is one of the endangered marine species in Singapore. The eco-icon serves as a reminder to be environmentally-conscious in what we do so as to be kind to the biodiversity that shares the environment.

Anemonefish 190504 latest.png
The school is always on the look out to develop students, who are passionate in this area, to be Environment Ambassadors. Students are provided with opportunities to do their part for the environment.

Environmental Education in YCKSS adopts the ACE Approach which is aligned to the school’s vision, ‘A Community of Learners, Leaders and Innovators’.


A community of leaders who advocates green habits and influence others in making positive impact to the environment.


A community of innovators who creates sustainable ideas and green initiatives.


A community of learners who are equipped with the knowledge and skills related to environmental education.

Key Personnel IC: Mdm Chen Huijun [ext: 113]  


Practice of Recycling

Making it easier for all to practice recycling and making it a way of life.

  • Recycling corners around the school
  • E-waste Recycling Bin

Role models
Staff in YCKSS are strong advocates of the Bring-Your-Own- Container movement by using their own reusable containers when staff meet weekly for lunch and meetings. This is to discourage the use of single-use plastics.

Staff BYO-Container Movement

Outreach Programmes

Through various platforms such as Values-in-Action Programme, Service Learning and other outreach programmes, students have the opportunities to spread their green messages to the community.

outreach prog.jpg

Outreach Programme with Star Learners

Teaching upcycling.jpg

Teaching K2 children from Star Learners about Upcycling

recycle right.jpg

Educating the public to recycle right at Yio Chu Kang Clean and Green Event

Upcycling workshop with the K2 children from Star Learners.jpg

Upcycling workshop with the K2 children from Star Learners


As a community of innovators, our school created and installed our own rainwater harvesting system. The rainwater collected in these tanks is used to water the green scape and for general cleaning of the school.

The school has 59 solar panels that are grid-tied to a utilities company. These panels generate a significant amount of solar energy for the school. The solar panels are also an authentic learning resource for students in different subject areas.

With their creativity, students have participated in several upcycling programmes to maximise the potential of waste materials

rainwater tank.jpg

Rainwater Harvesting System 

Students create tissue pouches out of unwanted banners.jpg
Students create tissue pouches out of unwanted banners

Students create compost from food waste.jpg
Students create compost from food waste


Through various subjects such as Geography and Science, students are exposed and equipped with environmental knowledge and skills.

Staff and students are also kept updated about issues through assembly talks and exhibitions held in school by external organisations and agencies. 

assembly talk.jpg

Assembly talk on Climate Change by Earth Society 

Sungei Buloh.jpg

Learning Journey to Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve 

Students viewing the exhibition panels on biodiversity in Singapore.jpg

Students viewing the exhibition panels on biodiversity in Singapore