The Badminton CCA aims to equip students with the fundamentals of the sport as well as develop positive self-esteem and sportsmanship. Through participation in competitions, students will learn the values of respect, self-discipline, honesty and teamwork. Badminton is a fast-paced racket sport that involves intense mental concentration and an ability to anticipate and pre-empt the opponent's moves is essential. It also requires determination, perseverance and discipline in players to master the different skills. Our players train together with a common set of beliefs as they strive to bring YCKSS Badminton to greater heights.

Training Schedule

Teachers in-charge

Student Leaders (whole committee)

Training Information

Mr William Wong (ext 146) - OIC for Boys' Team

Mdm Ng Hui Yin (ext 147) - OIC for Girls' Team

Mr Nizam Wahab (ext 143)

Mdm Katherine Chua (ext 134)

Ms Zhao Mengqi (ext 172)

Upper Sec Committee Members

Captain (Girls)

Vice -Captain(Girls)


Captain (Boys)


Vice-Captain (Boys)

Vice-Captain (Boys)

Lower Sec Committee Members





Sherlyn Yan



Amanda Ng



Bryan Lai


Daryl Ong



Choi Wonjun





Yeo Hao Whyi

Every Monday



Every Wednesday
(Boys & Girls)

Every Thursday


3.00pm to 6.00pm

Venue : Indoor Sports Hall Level 2/ School Hall

Proudest Moments

2018 - 'B' Division Girls Top 8 North Zone Badminton Championships
2017 - 'B' Division Girl’s First runners-up South Zone Badminton Championships
2016 - 4th position South Zone Badminton Championships


North-Zone 'C' Division Inter-School Badminton Championship
North-Zone 'B' Division Inter-School Badminton Championship


B Division Boys at their weekly training session..jpgOur B Division Badminton Girls.jpg
B Division Boys at their weekly training session
Our B Division Badminton Girls