Malay Dance

The Malay Dance CCA aims to instil the importance of self-discipline, confidence, perseverance and teamwork. We are PERTAME_NALURI SENI highlighting the spirit of always striving to be first through our inner soul in the area of dance. Students will be exposed to traditional and contemporary styles with movements showcasing the rich heritage of the genres portrayed. Our students have many opportunities to showcase their talent in various school and public performances. Performing at national events such as Youth Celebrate! and Chingay Parade, the dancers have gained valuable experiences that will develop them into better and more skilful dancers.
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Training Schedule

Teachers in-charge

Student Leaders (whole committee)

Training Information

Mdm Sutinah
(ext 126)

Mdm Siti Aisha

(ext 172)

Mdm Uma
(ext 173)










Siti Nur Amirrah Bte Amir


Nydia Syairah Bano



Jae-Erianie Puteri

Muhammad Raihan Muhammad Aiman

Sri Indriani

Choo Zi Xuan



Every Wednesday
3.00 to 5.30 pm

Venue : 

Dance Studio

Proudest Moments

2017 - National Day Parade Performance (Thriving Together)
2016 - Participate in Chinese New Year Celebrations
- Chingay Parade 2016
- Muara Festival in 2016
2015 - Participation in Youth Celebrate!
- Muara Festival in 2015
2013 - ‘Topeng’ SYF Arts Presentation - Certificate of Distinction
2011 - ‘Rindu’ (SYF Central Judging - Gold Award)
2009 - ‘Jati’ (SYF Central Judging - Gold with Honour Award) Perform @ Kallang Theatre
2007 - Zapin Tandak’ (SYF Central Judging - Gold Award)
2005 - ‘Belenggu’ (SYF Central Judging - Gold Award) Perform @ Sentosa
2003 - ‘Zapin Aksi’ (SYF Central Judging - Gold Award) Perform @ Bird
Park and SYF at the park.
2001 - ‘Tarian Piring’ (SYF Central Judging - Gold Award, Top Dance Malay Dance Category) Perform @ SYF Presentation.
1999 - ‘Ceremonial Feast’ (SYF Central Judging - Gold Award, SYF Top Dance) Perform @ SYF Presentation 1
1996 - ‘1st Prize, RI Inter-school Malay Dance Competition
1995 - Zapin Budi’ (SYF Certificate of Merit) (1st Prize in RI inter-school Malay Dance Competition)
1993 - ‘Rentak Saji’(SYF Central Judging - Certificate of Merit)


Annual Speech Day
Muara Festival
Singapore Youth Festival


Impressive moves.JPG Make-up on and ready to perform!.jpg
Impressive moves  Make-up on and ready to perform! 
Peforming at the Esplanade.jpg Striking a pose at Marina Bay.jpg
Peforming at the Esplanade
Striking a pose at Marina Bay

Glowing performers at NDP.jpg Waiting to perform at NDP.jpg
Glowing performers at NDP
Waiting to perform at NDP