The YCKSS Choir consists of members who share a passion for singing and music. We aim to create a nurturing environment, where they share the joy of music through performances and competitions. The students are exposed to choral reading, intonation and expression in their musical repertoire. Besides practising for competitions, the members are exposed to a whole variety of other enriching experiences, including choral workshops, public concerts and choral exchanges with other choirs. The choir has maintained a high standard of musicianship and shares the joy of music through various performances and competitions.

Training Schedule

Teachers in-charge

Student Committee Members (2017/2018)

Training Information

Mdm Vijaya D/O Rajaratenam (ext 203)

Mdm Lee Ching Fong (ext 142)

Ms Lio Dan Wei (ext 129)


Ms Ng Kuan Hwa (ext 200)















Social Welfare:


Committee Members:

Htet Htet Lin



Claire Mak



Dang Gia Hue



Arianne Faith Chan Xin Ting


Rachel Lim Xin Ming



Nga Yan Xin



Ang Xin Li


Mohamed Adi Raiyan B Mohamad

Chloe Toh Zi Tong

Ho Kia How Mark

Leong Yu Qing

Hannah Insyriyah Khan

Wang Shijia


2.45 to 5.45 p.m.



1.15 to 4.15 p.m.

Venue : Choir Room

Proudest Moments

Year Award
2017 SYF Certificate of Distinction
2015 SYF Certificate of Distinction
2013 SYF Certificate of Distinction
2011 SYF Gold with Honours


Year Performances
2017 Participation in 2017 NDP Performance
2016 Limelight 2016
SYF Outreach @ the Malls
2015 SYF 2015
49th Speech Day 2015
2014 48th Speech Day 2014
Limelight 2014


All ready for NDP.jpg Before our Limelight performance at Esplanade.JPG
All ready for NDP
Before our Limelight performance at Esplanade
After our performance at Chijmes.JPG
After our performance at Chijmes