The Infocomm Club aims to excite students about infocomm in a fun and meaningful way by helping them to learn new infocomm skills and to cultivate leadership capabilities. The club comprises three branches; AVA-Videography, Photography and 3D-Animation. Based on students’ interest, they will choose to be part of one of the following: 

AVA & Videography
We offer students a hands-on experience in AVA & Videography. Students learn to operate various professional equipment and tools and are encouraged to explore and exercise their creativity. They are given opportunities to stretch their imagination and tell compelling stories through video-making. We have a comprehensive programme to build their foundation in the artistic and technical aspects of Videography. To create an authentic experience, students are involved in planning and executing the media coverage of large scale school events such as our school's Speech Day, MOE Singapore-Hong Kong School Exchange, N6 Cluster Media and Design Festival.

Our photography programme offers students structured training that equips them with technical knowledge and skills in photography. Students are given opportunities to exercise their artistic talent to capture photos based on specific themes, guided by our experience instructor. The team also serves the school events.

3D Animation
Students will learn Autodesk Maya and Adobe Premier program as well as the technical and creative aspects of a 3D animated film to create their own animation. The structured programme aims to prepare our students for infocomm-related courses in the Institutes of Higher Learning. Students participate in external competitions such as SDMA and N.E mation. They will use their skills to produce a short animated video clip with 3D characters and impressive 3D creations before finalising the video in adobe Premiere pro.

Training Schedule


AVA & Videography

Teachers in-charge Student Leaders
(whole committee)
Training Information
Mdm Audrey Chye (ext 199)

Mdm Doreen Ng (ext 134)

Ms Rachel Lim (ext 130)

Ms Xu Xiaohong (ext 174)
President: Oh Jia Hui

Vice-President: Lim Wei Jie, Ivan
Every Tuesday and Thursday
3.00 to 5.30pm

Venue : EBS Lab/ Hall Gallery


Teachers in-charge Student Leaders
(whole committee)
Training Information
Mr Yip Seng Yam (ext 125)
President: Panrit Srisa-An

Vice-President: Lew Jun An
Every Monday
3.00 to 5.30pm

Venue : EBS Lab

3D Animation

Teachers in-charge Student Leaders
(whole committee)
Training Information
Mdm Chong Nyuk Foong (ext 202
President: Koh Wei Ping

Vice-President: Esther Tan
Every Monday
3.00 to 5.30pm

Venue : Animation Lab

Proudest Moments

AVA & Videography

Schools Digital Media Awards
  • Gold Award (Sharing is ‘Caring’)
  • Silver Award (The Singapore Durian)

YouthChange Voice UP! 3.0
  • 1st Runner-Up (Rise of the Scams) 

Schools Digital Media Awards
  • Silver Award (I Have)
  • Silver Award (Ang Mo Kio. My Hometown. My Neighbourhood)

Voice Up! Challenge

Kids Witness News (2011)
  • Top 5 in the Journalist of Tomorrow Award
  • Top 5 in Tune Award

Samsung Cyber-wellness Challenge
2nd Place

In 2016, the Photography team was privileged to be invited to display their photogenic works at the Singapore Sports Hub and Yishun Community Hospital.

3D Animation
2015 School Digital Media Awards (SDMA) 
  • Silver Award (I Was Here 50 Years Ago)


Chinese New Year Celebrations
Total Defence Day Celebrations
Speech Day
International Friendship Day
National Day Celebrations
Graduation Ceremony
School Digital Media Awards (SDMA)
N6 Cluster Media and Design Festival


Editing video footage at the filming site.jpgLearning journey to the National Gallery.jpg
Editing video footage at the filming site
Learning journey to the National Gallery
Our camera women at work!.jpgFilming in progress.jpg
 Our camera women at work! Filming in progress