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Learning for Life Programme

The Learning for Life Programme at YCKSS aims to give all students an enriching experience and to foster excellence in the creative arts through Arts, Media and Design (AMD) Programme. This programme not only raises the level of arts appreciation and knowledge, it develops character as students persevere to learn new skills and work in teams with fellow peers. It also provides an avenue for self-expression, character building and the development of important social-emotional skills to thrive beyond the secondary school years.

Objectives of the programme 

Our AMD Programme aims to: 
  1. progressively expose students to a variety of art forms, media and design as well as to provide an in-depth experience in the learning of art as they advance; 
  2. encourage values and character development by purposefully planning for relevant curriculum; stretch the potential of talented students by providing students opportunities to hone their talents and skills through partnerships with Institutes of Higher Learning, external organisations and pathfinders. 

Key Programmes 

The AMD Programme 
The AMD Programme is a structured and progressive two-year programme. 

1. AMD Programme.JPG

  • Secondary One 
    Students embark on a foundation programme in Secondary One where they are exposed to five different modules in Arts (Modern Dance, Drama, Music - Rock and & Pop), Media (Short Film Production) and Design (Interior Design). At the end of each module, students will reflect on their journey studying the module and how they have overcome any challenges in the course learning a new skill. 

  • Secondary Two  
    In Secondary Two, depending on their interests, they will specialise in one module. Students attend their chosen modules weekly during curriculum time throughout the planned academic year. At the end of the year, the Secondary Two students will showcase their talents and what they have learnt through AMD Showcase at the year-end assembly. 

Talent Development Programme

In Secondary Two and Three, students who are keen can further hone their talents and skills through our Talent Development Programmes via interest groups, master classes, enrichment and relevant Advanced Elective Modules.
2. Talent Development Programme.jpg
Direct School Admission (DSA)

Successful DSA applicants through AMD are expected to enrol in the relevant performing arts and media-related CCAs to help develop their talents progressively. The students will be involved in performances, workshops with arts practitioners and competitions in order to gain greater exposure and hone their skills. They also attend a variety of external performances so as to develop their critical understanding of the art form.

Arts, Media & Design Related CCAs 

Visual and Performing Arts Groups Clubs
Dance – Chinese
Dance – Indian
Dance - Malay
Drama – English
Infocomm Club – 3D Animation
Media Club – PA/Audio
Media Club – Photography
Media Club – Videography

Key Personnel IC: Ms Kelly Cho (YH US) [ext 205]  

Photo Gallery

3. Modern Dance.JPG 4. Drama.JPG
Modern Dance  Drama 
5. Music Rock & Pop.JPG 6. Short Film Production.JPG
Music Rock & Pop
Short Film Production
7. Interior Design.JPG
Interior Design

Design for a Playground
Interior Design for a Cafe
 Interior Design for a Cozy Cafe Interior Design for a K-Pop Cafe
Soccer Frenzy  Next Door Cafe
Kopi Times  

Outstanding Student Award (AMD 2018)

Each year, 5 individuals from each of the 5 modules will be awarded the Outstanding Student Award. These students are awarded for being positive role models to their peers in their pursuit to hone their craft in Arts, Media and Design. 

2018 Secondary 2 Cohort
  • Nur Fae'iqa Ruqayyah Binte Abdullah (Class 2E2) for Modern Dance
  • Liu Chang Bo (Class 2E2) for Drama
  • Dacanay Norvin Cj Marc Gongon (Class 2A1) for Music (Rock & Pop) 
  • Jensen Lee Ming Heng (Class 2E2) for Short Film Production
  • Huang Zihang (Class 2E2) for Interior Design

Arts Exposure!

Students will be get to watch local and international productions and appreciate how the synergy and collaboration between the various modules they have learned through AMD can create a stage production:

Production in 2108:
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time @ Esplanade Theatre
  • Julius Caesar: Shakespeare in the Park @ Fort Canning Park
  • The Lion King Musical @ Marina Bay Sands Theatre

Upcoming productions in 2019:\
  • Matilda The Musical @ Marina Bay Sands Theatre

1. Play at the Esplanade.jpg
5. Julius Caesar.JPG
Play at the Esplanade
     Julius Caesar

2. Shakespeare in the Park.JPG3. The Lion King Musical.JPG
Shakespeare in the Park
The Lion King Musical
4. The Lion King.JPG 
 The Lion King Musical 

Arts Enrichment

  • Transformative Arts Programme (TAP) (Secondary 1 & 2)
The TAP aims to develop the talent of students in various visual art forms and to use teachable moments to inculcate values such as Respect and Teamwork. The students showcased their artwork at an exhibition booth during the Yellowren Arts Festival where they gained confidence through explaining their artwork to the members of the public.

Beautiful work of art.JPG Self-portrait using paper cutting technique.JPG
Beautiful work of art
Self-portrait using paper cutting technique
Spreading positively through arts.JPG Teaching the public how to create pebble art.JPG
 Spreading positively through arts  Teaching the public how to create pebble art

Creating their masterpiece.jpgTransformative Arts Programme.jpg
Creating their masterpiece
Transformative Arts Programme
Yellowren Arts Festival.JPG
 Yellowren Arts Festival 

  • Mixed Media Art at Gilman Barrack (Secondary 3) 
The learning journey to Gilman Barrack allows students to understand the creative process of Ideation, Interpretation and Realisation and to appreciate the local art scene. Students were engaged in a step-by-step process using various techniques of clay work, colouring, air dry and varnishing to create their 2-dimension and 3-dimension artwork. 

Creativity in process.jpg Graffiti Art.jpg
Creativity in process
Graffiti Art
Presenting their artwork using bubble technqiue.jpg Clay Art - Baby elephant.jpg
 Presenting their artwork using bubble technqiue Clay Art - Baby elephant 

  • Metal Tooling (Secondary 3)
This course aims to enhance students’ aesthetic learning experience by encouraging them to explore their creativity. Student will create their own recycled copper tooling though the use of the different techniques, while being taught the art of modern contemporary art. They will be introduced to the Elements and Principles of Art and Design as they learn basic copper tooling technique to create their artwork. 

YCKSS Showtime!

YCKSS Showtime! gives students the opportunity to showcase their talents and interest in the performing arts. In a casual and relaxed setting, students perform to their peers a variety of song and dance items ranging from K-Pop dance and rock band performances to solo dance and solo vocal rendition. 

Sec 2 AMD Showcase

The Sec 2 AMD Showcase is a culmination of the learning of the Arts, Media and Design modules throughout the year. Students perform an assembly show for the whole school through their song, dance and drama performances. Students from Short Film Production and Interior Design will also showcase their work and explain to the audience their creative process and what they have learnt.