Inquirers and explorers of the universe who call the adventure Science 

To nurture critical and creative thinkers with a life-long passion for science by fostering a spirit of inquiry and bringing real-world science into the classroom experience. 

Key Programmes 

Lower Secondary Science SPA 
In Lower Secondary science SPA, students are taught Science Practical Skills of Performing, Observing and Planning over a period of two years. Skills-based assessments which address the different kinds of laboratory skills in practical work will be embedded to complement the learning cycle. Assessment for learning and assessment as learning will be scheduled during the whole learning cycle. 

Mendel’s Garden (Lower Secondary Science) 
“Mendel’s Garden” is an instructional programme inspired by a working life-size experimental greenhouse which demonstrates the applications of vertical urban farming. It is named after the Father of Genetics, Gregor Mendel, who discovered the fundamental laws of inheritance through his work on pea plants grown in his own garden. 

This discovery in one’s own garden provided the impetus for the school to create its own Mendel’s Garden to provide opportunities for students to learn beyond the classroom through hands-on experimentation and collaborative problem-solving. Mendel’s Garden features a vertical growing system that uses sophisticated technology to overcome the challenges of growing crops in limited spaces. 

In this garden, lower secondary science students see Science comes alive in the following focus areas.

Focus Area

Enabled By “Mendel’s Garden”

Science in daily life

Students learn Science processes such as photosynthesis and energy conversion in food chains that are paramount to the support of life in the ecosystem.

Science in society

Students apply Science concepts and understand the impact of Science in society. The vertical farming facility taps on sustainable and innovative technology to grow plants/food in a limited space. This relates to the importance of finding innovative solutions to grow food in land-scarce Singapore as observed in the urban farming movement.

Science and the environment

Students understand how energy can be conserved through the application of sustainable technology and the importance of conserving biodiversity.

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Da Vinci Programme (Secondary 2 – 4)  
The Da Vinci Programme is a progressive Science Talent Development Programme that complements the Science department’s core curriculum in developing the scientific minds of our students. The objective of the Da Vinci Programme is to enable selected students who demonstrated an attitude and aptitude for scientific research to participate in research projects under the guidance of teacher mentors from different Science disciplines. 

The students work on research projects under the close mentorship of teacher mentors throughout a two-year programme spanning between Secondary 2 and 3. They will identify problems and attempt to use scientific solutions to investigate. 

Students’ research will culminate in a project presentation at: 

(a)  Unity Scientific Innovation Challenge (USIC)  – Secondary 
(b)  North Zone Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition  – Secondary 3 and the participation in the
(c)  C B Paul Science Quiz  by ACJC, NTU and NUS, which provides a platform for students to network with other like-minded students and budding scientists in Singapore. – Secondary 4 

Healthcare Mentorship programme (Secondary 3) 
The Healthcare Mentorship programme seeks to expose our Secondary 3 Biology students to the real healthcare environment where they experience first-hand and learn how the knowledge and skills they acquired in school can be applied to the work environment. 

This programme aims to help our students better understand the challenges our healthcare workers face in their work, the importance of giving back to the society, and inspire them to possibly seek out a career in the healthcare sector. 

HOD Science: Ms Alicia Lock [ext 207]

Photo Gallery

Sec One students harvesting plants from Mendels Garden.jpg Science Sharing with the community.jpg
Sec 1 students harvesting plants from Mendel's Garden Science Sharing with the community
Teachers and students @ Da Vinci Programme.jpg Bronze Award Team presenting at Elementz.jpg
 Teachers and students @ Da Vinci Programme Bronze Award Team presenting at Elementz 
Constructing Test-beds.jpg Mendels Garden Research.jpg
 Constructing Test-beds Mendel's Garden Research 
Sec 1 research work in Mendels Garden.jpg North Zone Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition.jpg
 Sec 1 research work in Mendel's Garden North Zone Elementz Science Research Conference and Exhibition 
Outdoor Experimentation.jpg Science Discussions.jpg
 Outdoor Experimentation  Science Discussions
Science Team innovating with the environment.jpg Silver Award Team presenting at Elementz.jpg
 Science Team innovating with the environment Silver Award Team presenting at Elementz 
Students sharing with Dr Koh Poh Koon their research findings.jpg Teamwork.jpg
 Students sharing with Dr Koh Poh Koon their research findings Teamwork 
Presenting Science Ideas.jpg Science Investigation at Sungei Buloh.jpg
Presenting Science Ideas Science Investigation at Sungei Buloh

Voices of Science

“Throughout this journey, I learnt that with hardwork and teamwork, the output will be fruitful. I felt that my teammates and I supported each other well. One example was the presentation in front of a panel of judges. My teammates' confidence boosted my morale and helped me deliver my lines effectively. Without their support, I never would have been able to overcome my nervousness.”  Kim Seulkichan, 4E1

“The entirety of Elementz was filled with fun. I was able to further bond with my classmates as we came up with the hypothesis for the project and executed it. I was glad to be part of my Elementz team and we even brought back a Silver medal! All in all, I felt that Elementz has allowed me to apply the concepts that I learnt in Biology to solve problems, other than the usual class work. Given the chance, I would definitely sign up for a research project again."  Dion Kuoh Zixian, 4E1

The healthcare mentorship programme has been very fruitful and it has inspired me to work in the healthcare industry and contribute to society. I felt it was a once in a lifetime experience for a 15-year-old like me to be able to be part of this extraordinary programme. It has encouraged me to study harder for Biology. I hope future participants can reap as many benefits as I had from the experiences.”  Tan Huey Shin, 4E2