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Mother Tongue Languages

Confident and fluent users of their mother tongue language 

To provide authentic learning experiences for students in the learning of MT languages and culture 

Key Programmes 

MTL Fortnight and Camp 
Students are engaged in authentic learning experience to build their competency as a confident and fluent user of MTL.

Weekly Reading Programme 
This is a Friday weekly reading programme using newspapers, reading articles and subscribed books. The purpose is to provide ample opportunity for students to read MTL reading materials with follow up activities in language learning and current affairs discussions. 

In My Opinion (IMO) 
As an extension from the reading programme, Upper Secondary students are to provide opinions on current affairs on a weekly or a fortnightly basis. This is to encourage students to improve their competency in expressing opinions as part of oral conversation. 

Support Programmes for Graduating Students 

Morning Oral Practice 
This is an Oral practice session with MT teachers to provide in-depth discussion for student’s performance and progress in oral conversation.

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MTL Intensive Revision 
5 days of intensive revision for Sec 4E5N students sitting for MTL National GCE O-Level Exam in June. 

HOD MTL: Ms Goy Yap Ching [ext 112]

Photo Gallery

Batik ARt.jpgCraft Work.jpgFolk Dance.jpg
Batik ARt
Craft Work
Folk Dance
Guest Speaker.jpgIndian Traditional Game.jpgLeaf Painting.jpg
 Guest Speaker Indian Traditional GameLeaf Painting 
Malay Heritage Centre.jpgMalay Traditional Musical Instruments.jpgProud Winners.jpg
 Malay Heritage Centre Malay Traditional Musical Instruments Proud Winners
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 Scrabble Competition Tech Savvy