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Mathematics and Principles of Accounts (POA)

Independent learners who are innovative and effective problem solvers 

To provide an environment to nurture students to be independent learners and develop sound reasoning, critical thinking and collaborative problem solving skills necessary for application in the real world. 

Key Programmes 

Authentic Learning in Mathematics 

Our department believes in offering innovative approaches to help our students grow more confident in problem solving. This is done through several interesting activities which help students see the relevance of what they learn: 
  • Sec 2 Express students are taught data handling skills through the use of open source sensors installed around the school.
  • Sec 1 – 3 students are given Math Modelling Tasks to simulate the solving of Real World Problems.
  • Our Math Curriculum challenges students to solve authentic problems through the Real World Context (PRWC) questions.
Financial Literacy Programme

  • This exciting programme helps upper secondary students create an awareness of the importance of financial planning by providing them a head start in learning abstract concepts on financial literacy using an experiential game. 
Algebra Games 

  • The Smart City Explorer is the invention of our teachers who have designed it to create joy in learning algebraic concepts in the lower secondary mathematics classroom through play. Using this games based approach, students learn in teams and become more competent and confident about their abilities in algebraic manipulations. 

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Principles of Accounts

To provide a conducive learning environment for students to develop proper values, attitudes and life-skills through the learning of accounting.

Authentic learning in POA

  • Solving real world problems through different accounting scenarios. 
  • Infusing problems involving real world context into the POA syllabus. 
  • Developing positive traits such as having integrity and being meticulous through the  use of the accounting system. 

HOD Mathematics: Mdm Goh Shwu Jun [ext 114]

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Authentic Learning Task  Algebra Games 1 (New)
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Algebra Games 2 (New)
Algebra Games 3 (New)
 Financial Literacy  (New) Financial Literacy   (New)