Every YCKSian a concerned citizen with a lens to the world 

To develop informed learners and concerned citizens through mastery of analytical skills and exposure to global issues. 

Key Programmes 
Using the inquiry approach, students get to investigate issue and appreciate knowledge beyond the classrooms. 

Geographical Investigation 
Students investigate the interactions between people and their physical and human environment. Students extend their learning in different places in Singapore such as Sungei Buloh Nature Reserve and Orchard Road where they explore key geographical concepts and collect data to support their field investigations. 

Historical Investigation 
Students are given the opportunity to acquire historical knowledge as they examine varied forms of primary and secondary sources. A trip to the National Museum of Singapore allows students to come face-to-face with real artefacts which help form their understanding of Singapore’s history. 

Issue Investigation 
In collaboration with the CCE department, Secondary Three students explore various societal issues during Social Studies lessons and they get to do their part to contribute to the good of the society as they plan and execute their Service Learning projects to address the issue. 
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Learning through Play 
The department specially designed and created card games to help students understand and recall key geographical knowledge and concepts in a fun way. 

HOD Humanities: Mdm Chen Huijun [ext 113]

Photo Gallery

Group-Effort.gif Interviewing-Tourists.gif Investigating the plants in school.jpg
 Investigating the plants in school
Assembly talk.jpg Model United Nations.jpg Service Learning cum Issue Investigation at Ren Ci Hospital.png
Assembly talk  Model United Nations  Service Learning cum Issue Investigation at Ren Ci Hospital 
Service Learning cum Issue Investigation project at THK Young at Heart.jpg N6 Cluster Humanities Challenge.jpg GI @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve.JPG
 Service Learning cum Issue Investigation project at THK Young at Heart  N6 Cluster Humanities Challenge GI @ Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve