A confident, effective and reflective user of the English Language 

To develop students to appreciate the English Language and to nurture them as competent communicators. 

Key Programmes 

Effective Readers Programme 
Sec 4E and 5N students serve the school community by being the Reading Mentors to the Sec 1NT and Sec 2NT students. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 7.15 to 7.45 am, the Reading Mentors will buddy the lower secondary Normal Technical students. The Reading Mentors will model good reading and explain difficult words to the NT students after which the NT students will read to the Reading Mentors thus helping to build their fluency and word recognition. 

Reflect and Share 
Every week, two to three students in each class, level and stream will be chosen to speak in front of the class on an issue raised by the teacher after the class has read some articles from the subscribed magazines. These students will share their personal opinions and they will need to present their arguments for or against the issue. After this, everyone in the class will reflect and write down their personal perspective of the issue thus encouraging every student to reflect on their own point of view and think more critically. 

News in Brief 
Each week, three students are selected to share on current affairs happening in the world, ASEAN and in Singapore. They do their research using ST online, decide on the news to feature, summarise the news and present to the class. They need to reflect on the impact the news has on Singapore and our community. Through this, students are made aware of the happenings around them, have the platform to build confidence in speaking and to think more deeply on issues that affect us. 
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Extensive Writing 
Students are involved in different kinds of writing in class. They do Daily Writing of 2 minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes to reflect on what they have read or heard; to plan what they will be writing in a full essay or to note down their prior knowledge before reading a comprehension text. Students also do Weekly or Fortnightly Writing on topics they are interested in to get them into the habit of writing more. Finally, students do On-demand Writing on topics provided by the teachers in class where within a time frame of 50 minutes, students need to complete an essay. The aim is to provide students with opportunities to write regularly. 

HOD EL: Ms Chong Foong Harn [ext 111]

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 An Effective MentorEffective Reading Programme 
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 Power of the Written WordReading Buddies 
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Reading Mentors   This is Fun