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SWC Activites

Staff Well-being Committee (SWC) Activities

The Staff Well-being Committee introduces opportunities for staff to bond together. It also aims to build and maintain a work environment that contributes to the overall physical and mental well-being of our staff.

Team bonding

Objective: To let our staff build on their complementary strengths within their departments, and forge a united team that is more than the sum of its parts.

Title of activity: Department Zone Decoration

Description of event: 
As the teachers were seated according to departments, the SWC held a friendly competition for teachers to design their ‘Department Zone’ according to a theme that would make their zone easily recognisable. 

Quotes from participants: 
“It was fun doing the decorations. We learnt more about each other and the decorations made the work space feel more like a second home.”

Design and Enterprise Department.jpgMathematics Department.jpg

Design and Enterprise Department

Mathematics Department

Title of activity: Theme Dressing

Description of event:
The SWC introduced Theme Dressing based on GEMS.  Each month, a gem is chosen and all staff members dress in the same colour. The themes so far have been:-
1. Rubies
2. Pearl
3. Aquamarine
4. Citrine
5. Emeralds
6. Rose Quartz
7.     Hamper-making-competition 
8.     Eco-Movement 

Quotes from participants: 
“I like the theme dressing. It helps to bond the teachers. It is visually very attractive as you see different shades of the same colour.”

2 February Ruby Gems Poster.jpg3 March Pearly Whites.jpg4 April Aquamarine Blue Village of Smurfs.jpg
 February Ruby Gems Poster
March  Pearly Whites
 April Aquamarine Blue Village of Smurfs
5 May Citrine Blockbuster Film Poster.jpg6-June-Jade-Green-Heroines-&-Heroes.gif7 July Pink GEM & Durian cum Fruits Party.jpg
 May Citrine Blockbuster Film June Emeralds Heroines & HeroesJuly Pink GEM & Durian cum Fruits Party 
 August Hamper-making-competition  September Eco-Movement BYO
Plates & Utensils 

Title of activity: Birthday Celebrations

Description of event (1-2 lines) 
We celebrate the birthdays of the staff to share our happiness and to receive well wishes. 

Quotes from participants: 
“I really appreciate the way the students sing us the birthday song!”

March Birthday Babies.jpgFebruary Birthday Babies!!.jpg

Title of activity: CNY Yu Sheng 

Description of event:
In February, the staff of YCK celebrated Chinese New Year together by tossing Yu Sheng. We shouted well wishes for the school and our fellow colleagues. Being in a celebratory mood, we bonded over chit chat during a lunch of sumptuous Yu Sheng.

Quotes from participants:
“I had a fun time catching up with my colleagues.”
“The food was good and I had a blast shouting well wishes for the year.”
Are we starting soon.jpg
Huat Ah!.jpg
 Are we starting soonHuat Ah! 
Awesome 2019!.jpg
Let_s Dig In.jpg
 Awesome 2018! Let_s Dig In

Title of activity: Staff Bonding - Heads up game

Description of event:
In February, the SWC organised a mini game for staff bonding. Heads up was chosen as it was fun and the rules were simple. Laughter filled the school hall as many people were having fun guessing and describing the word.  

Quotes from participants:
“Thank you SWC! The game was fun.”
Heads up, Hands up.jpg
The calm before the storm.jpg
 Heads up, Hands up The calm before the storm


Title of activity: Recognition of Achievements

Description of event: 
The school celebrates the achievements of the staff. Certificates of promotion and awards were given out during staff contact time.

Quotes from participants:
“Congratulations. We are so proud of you.’
Shee Yean Reciving An Award.jpg
Carmelia Recieving An Award.jpg
Shee Yean Reciving An AwardCarmelia Recieving An Award

Title of activity: Games day

Description of event: 
On 18th April, the YCKSS SWC organised “Games Day” after school for the staff so that they could let their hair down and have fun exercising and bonding with their colleagues.  Participants were given a choice of badminton, table tennis, weights training and Fun Walk to take part in.

Quotes from participants:
“We should do this more often as it helps to bond the staff and promote healthy living.”
Table Tennis Experts In The Making.jpg
Teachers Having A Smashing Good Time.jpg
Table Tennis Experts In The Making
Teachers Having A Smashing Good Time
Keep Calm and Walk On.jpg 20180418_154242.jpg 
 Keep Calm and Walk On Keep Calm and Walk On

Staff retreat and celebrations

Objective: To foster strong and cohesive teams through a team building staff retreat.

Title of activity: Staff Retreat - Perfume Making

Description of event: 
As a newly merged school, the staff retreat aimed to foster stronger team spirit through staff bonding, improve our communication skills and sharpen problem solving skills, all while having fun!

Focused On Concocting.jpg
Scientists Hard At Work.jpg
 Focused On Concocting Scientists Hard At Work
Experiment Was A Success!.jpg
Scientists in School Colours.jpg
 Experiment Was A Success! Scientists in School Colours