The Floorball CCA aims to foster strong bonds among team members and a competitive spirit. It teaches our students the fundamentals of the sport and also inculcates the values and beliefs behind the nature of the sport. Floorball is a fast paced sport encompassing skilful manoeuvres and athletic endurance. It requires determination and discipline in players to master their individual skills. As a team, we train together with commitment and enthusiasm to bring YCKSS Floorball to greater heights.

Training Schedule

Teachers in-charge

Student Leaders (whole committee)

Training Information

Mr Rio Elijah Chua (ext 217)

Mr Yoohenthran

(ext 131)

Miss Susan Ang
(ext 138)





Iman Nur Hakim B Hazali


Athan Tay Da Wei

Every Monday
2.45 to 6.00pm

Every Friday
2.00 to 5.00pm

Venue : Indoor Sports Hall Level 1


National ‘C’ and ‘B’ Division Floorball Championships.
Annual YCKSS Invitational Floorball tournament.