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Service Learning through Issue Investigation

The Values-In-Action team aims to develop an inclusive student who cares and takes action to help the community at large. Service Learning is a platform that allows the Social Studies Issues Investigation project to take on a real world application. Through this project, students gain an experience on how to make a difference to communities that are in need. 

Objectives of the programme 
To develop a student who is willing and able to make a difference to the community at large. 

Key Programmes 
This project involves all Secondary Three students across the three streams. Using the skills in data collection and interpretation that are integral in Social Studies Issues Investigation, teams select an area of the community at large that they would like to help. There are four core areas of societal issues that students are invited to investigate: Children & Elderly, Animals, Environment, and School. They will then proceed to gather data and evaluate what are the crucial needs of the selected sector in community. Working with an external organisation, the teams embark on a project to address the need that was identified. 

Key Personnel IC: Mr Kelwin Koh (SH NE/VIA) [ext: 135] 
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