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Learning for Life Programme

The Learning for Life Programme at YCKSS aims to give all students an enriching experience and to foster excellence in the creative arts through Arts, Media and Design (AMD) Programme. This programme not only raises the level of arts appreciation and knowledge, it develops character as students persevere to learn new skills and work in teams with fellow peers. It also provides an avenue for students to gain confidence and express their creativity and innovativeness. 

Objectives of the programme 

Our AMD Programme aims to: 
a. progressively expose students to a variety of art forms, media and design as well as to provide an in-depth experience in the learning of art as they advance; 
b. encourage values and character development by purposefully planning for relevant curriculum; stretch the potential of talented students by providing students opportunities to hone their talents and skills through partnerships with Institutes of Higher Learning, external organisations and pathfinders. 

Key Programmes 

The AMD Programme 
The AMD Programme is a structured and progressive two-year programme. 

Secondary One 
Students embark on a foundation programme in Secondary One where they are exposed to five different modules in Arts (Dance, Drama, Music - Rock and & Pop), Media (Short Film Production) and Design (Interior Design). At the end of each module, students will reflect on their journey studying the module and how they have overcome any challenges in the course learning a new skill. 

Secondary Two 
In Secondary Two, depending on their interests, they will specialise in one module. Students attend their chosen modules weekly during curriculum time throughout the planned academic year. At the end of the year, the Secondary Two students will showcase their talents and what they have learnt through AMD Showcase at the year end assembly. 

Secondary Three 
In Secondary Three, students who are keen can further hone their talents and skills through relevant Advanced Elective Modules or other platforms through the school’s partnerships with external organisations and pathfinders. 

In essence, our AMD Programme provides opportunities for students to be exposed to different AMD forms. In this way, different interests and abilities are catered for. Opportunities will be provided for students to showcase what they have learnt. This also heightens the appreciation of Arts, Media and Design amongst our students. 

Extra Information 

The school deploys a whole school approach and applies the 3E framework “Exposure-Experience-Excellence” in the design of our AMD programme. 

Key Personnel IC: Ms Kelly Cho (YH US) [ext 205] 

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