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Applied Learning Programme

The school offers an Applied Learning Programme (ALP)  to nurture inquiring minds and inventive thinkers through technology . It is in alignment to our school vision of ‘A Community of Learners, Leaders and Innovators’. 

In this programme, students are introduced to the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in the form of Embedded Electronics, and learn to develop innovative ideas and integrated solutions for real-life problems in the community. The ALP gives students opportunities to explore the connections between problem-solving skills needed in the real world and academic knowledge related to STEM. The progressive ALP curriculum equips all students with coding and computational thinking skills using an inquiry-based learning approach. Importantly, the ALP encourages students to stay curious and learn about how technology can be applied in new ways to improve the quality of life around us. 

Objectives of the programme 
To provide students with opportunities to explore connections between academic knowledge and skills in the real world related to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). 
• To encourage students to stay curious and learn how technology can be applied in new ways to improve the quality of life around us. 

The ALP Programme 

This is a structured programme  during curriculum hours , over a period of 13-14 weeks. 

Secondary One 
Students are exposed to basic computer programming using Arduino Boards to create an alert system. To cater to different student entry levels, the Micro:bit allows students to be active in writing codes using block programming which is easier to pick up at the elementary level. 

Secondary Two 
Students will experience intermediate programming skills to build complex smart systems using Arduino Boards to solve identified real-life problems of their choice. Secondary Two Normal (Technical) students will continue to master block programming with Micro:bits Module Two. 


The annual  Innovative Showcase  during the year-end Parent-Teacher Conference will provide a platform to exhibit students’ talents and interests through working solutions. 

The ALP adopt a hands-on and collaborative learning environment approach which is essential in developing 21CC such as critical thinking, self-directed learning, creative problem-solving, effective communications and collaboration. 

Apart from the school curriculum, all Secondary One & Two students will go on learning journeys and workshops during the ACTive Learning Week (hyperlink to ALW) in May to enhance their knowledge of STEM. 

To build  excellence , selected students who are talented or interested in STEM would be identified to join the Mechatronics, Aeronautical, RoboticS (MARS) Cub as a CCA, complete Advanced Elective Modules offered by polytechnics or participate in external competitions. Secondary Three Normal (Technical) students are offered Smart Electrical Technology (SET) as an Elective Subject. 

Key Personnel IC: Ms Hoon Siew Hui (HOD D&E) [ext: 206]

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