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Service Learning


Service Learning (SL) was incorporated in the formal curriculum for all sec 3 classes in Semester 1. Service Learning is an instructional strategy teachers use to facilitate students in a service project that is connected to the curriculum. Students who participated in Service Learning show improvement in academic achievement, behaviour, character and career exploration. YCKSS strongly believes service combined with learning adds value to students.

All the seven Sec 3 classes brainstormed, researched and unanimously initiated their own SL projects which the students found to be very engaging, practical, relevant, feasible, rewarding and enjoyable. These SL projects capture the amount and depth of reflections and learning which takes place throughout the project. 

The school organised the SL festival to allow the various classes to showcase their work. They set up booths and did presentations to the whole school on what they did, how they made a difference, and what they learned in the process. This SL initiative also helps to forge a strong partnership with the community as the project teams worked with many organisations such as schools, PCK kindergartens and many more.

T.A.L.K Project (Toilet Accumulates Lots of Knowledge)

This initiative was to raise environmental awareness and convey interesting facts to the school through creative posters which was displayed in the school’s toilet.

talk_01.jpgClass Chairman list down the number of targeted toilets. talk_02.jpgBrainstorm & reflect talk_03.jpgPlace the printed posters into each sheet protector.
talk_04.jpgWhere do we paste the posters? talk_05.jpgPresenting our ideas. talk_06.jpgSharing the awareness and knowledge.

Biodiversity and Environmental Awareness in YCKSS (Green Audit)

This initiative aimed to audit and document some of the flora and fauna around the school. This further aimed to develop an appreciation for these flora and fauna around the school.

Green_Audit_01s.jpgTrimming the printouts for lamination. Green_Audit_02s.jpgLaminating the placecards to prevent damage from rainwater. Green_Audit_03s.jpgPutting up the placecards.
Green_Audit_06s.jpgFinal touch-up. Green_Audit_04s.jpgProviding a brief description of the characteristics of the plant. Green_Audit_05s.jpgRehearsal for SL carnival.