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Physical Education


Yio Chu Kang Secondary YCKSS is committed to providing a student-centric and values-driven education. To achieve this, the PE department aligns all activities and programmes in this direction. The department hopes to create a positive and healthy environment as a means to ensure that each student is physically fit and holistically developed. Through PE, it is hoped that each student would maintain a lifelong exercising habit, to enjoy a variety of sports and games and continue to lead a healthy lifestyle even after graduation from school.

In addition, PE also emphasises on character building, encouraging students to develop the spirit of fair play in their games. It is hoped that students would learn more about sportsmanship in the classes.

Another focus is also placed on that of safety concerns. Through PE, students are educated to recognise dangers of sports and games, and to demonstrate awareness of safety consideration for themselves and for others around them.

PE Curriculum


– Excellence –
We want our students to aim for excellence in the things they engage in.
– Experience –
We want our students to experience over a period of time to gain the relevant knowledge and skills.
– Expose –
We want our students to seize every opportunity to try out and take part in as many physical activities as possible.

DSC_0304.JPGSports Carnival
DSC_0125.JPGSports Fiesta (Netball)
DSC_2182.JPGSports Fiesta (Frisbee)
DSCF9964.JPGSingapore Books of Record
DSC_9668.JPGSingapore Books of Record
DSC_0277.JPGDouble Dutch Workshop
DSC_0032.JPGStaff Big Volleyball Game
(with Prime Minister)
(with Mr Seng Han Tong)

There are 4 modules put in place to develop our students holistically


Sports Education Module Activities

Sec 1 Basketball Module

As a defender, I will try and deny the pass!.JPGAs a defender, I will try and deny the pass!
Dribbling away from a defender.JPGDribbling away from a defender
Layup drill.JPGLayup drills
Layup experts.JPGLayup experts!
Please get free!.JPGPlease get free!
See how good my shooting is!.JPGSee how good my shooting is!
Students applying passing skill in basketball.JPGStudents applying passing skill in basketball
Students checking on the fixtures and area of play.JPGStudents checking on the fixtures and area of play
Students engaging in small sided game.JPGStudents engaging in small sided game
Students participating actively in basketball module.JPGStudents participating actively in basketball module
Teacher organises the class for basketball.JPGTeacher organises the class for basketball
Sec 1 Netball Module
Displaying Integrity.JPGDisplaying Integrity
Displaying Respect.JPGDisplaying Respect
Displaying Sportsmanship.JPGDisplaying Sportsmanship
Friendship, best attack!.JPGFriendship, best attack!
Group captain with her position plans for her team.JPGGroup captain with her position plans for her team
Students checking on the fixtures and updating scores.JPGStudents checking on the fixtures and updating scores
Students learning the concept of defence.JPGStudents learning the concept of defence
Students playing a full game of netball.JPGStudents playing a full game of netball
Students use the different passes in netball.JPGStudents use the different passes in netball
Team 1.JPGTeam 1
Team 2.JPGTeam 2
Team 3.JPGTeam 3
We are ready !!!.JPGWe are ready !!!!
DSC_2547.JPGTeam discussing on their position lineup (2).jpgTeam discussing on their position lineup
Team discussing on their position lineup (1).jpgTeam discussing on their position lineup
Group captain comes out with position options.JPGGroup captain comes out with position options

Sec 2 Floorball Module
Inter group game.JPGInter group game
Lesson in progress.JPGLesson in progress
Lets Attack.JPGLet's Attack!
Lets defend.JPGLet's Defend
Look for your options!.JPGLook for your options!
Skill Assessment 1.JPGSkills Assessment 1
Skill Assessment 2.JPGSkills Assessment 2
Skill Assessment 3.JPGSkills Assessment 3
Skill assessment 4.JPGSkills Assessment 4
Skill Assessment.JPGSkills Assessment
Teamwork is important.JPGTeamwork is important
Sec 2 Frisbee Module
Sec 4 Handball Module



Sec 4 Softball Module







Adventure Education Module Activities

Sec 2 Camp


Key strategies used in Physical Education include:
  • Instruction to the class as a whole group
  • Small-sided games
  • Instruction and demonstration in small groups
  • Modified games
  • Peer instruction (between students
  • Games Concept
  • Drills in small groups
Sec 3 Camp