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National Education Ambassadors

Our National Education (NE) Ambassadors team is made up of student leaders who are roles models of young citizens in Singapore. Their aim is to promote citizenship values in the school through student-initiated NE activities. They are also highly involved in NE school events, like the National Day Celebrations.

This year, one Level Coordinator is chosen to plan and liaise with their respective level NE ambassadors about meetings and the organisation of events.

The NE ambassadors Level Coordinators are:

Sec One level coordinator: Muhammad Raihan B Razali (1A1)

Sec Two level coordinator: Lim JiaJia (2E1)

Sec Three level coordinator: Ann (3A1)

Sec Four Level coordinator: Zavier Ng Zhe (4E3)

This year, the NE ambassadors set up a photo booth for Racial Harmony Day based on the theme “Harmony from the Heart”. They assisted in the creation of props and a huge frame for the photo booth. The Ambassadors then reached out to other students and encouraged them to take photographs with their peers as a form of commitment towards racial harmony.

Another event that the NE Ambassadors actively participated in was the hosting of an NE Quiz during the National Day Celebrations. The goal was to test the students’ knowledge of our country and promote the need for responsible and active young citizens. The students responded enthusiastically and were able to answer many of the questions. Overall, it was a success.