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Learning Journey

We celebrated Singapore's and our school's 50th birthday in 2015. To wrap up the celebrations, our students were brought to "The Future of Us" exhibition at Gardens by the Bay as part of their National Education Learning Journey. The exhibition was indeed an eye-opening experience for many of us as it allowed us a chance to explore the possibilities of how Singaporeans can live, work, play, care and learn in the future. 

They were first introduced to The Future Express, where they could see how Singapore has evolved from 1965 to 2015. Immersive exhibits like the "Theatre of Generations" and "Symphony of the City" showed our students how people tapped on the knowledge gained from their grandparents to overcome the problems they face and the possibilities of technology and the way people interact in the future. These helped students to reflect on the teachings of their parents and grandparents and how they can learn from them to overcome problems. 

Students were then brought to the next section "Home Tomorrow" where there were many exhibits on the possibilities in the future. Students could also interact with the exhibits and ponder upon what could happen in the future. At the end of the exhibition, students could write their hopes and dreams for Singapore's future and see it in the “Blue Skies”. 
Overall, it was an enriching experience for the students as they reflect upon the past and envision the possibilities of the future and what they can do for a better Singapore.

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Maritime Museum and SEA Aquarium

Secondary 1 students visited the Maritime Museum and SEA Aquarium at Resorts World Sentosa for their Learning Journey. Students were required to perform tasks or look for information during the learning journeys in order to complete their e-learning assignments for English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. It was also a great opportunity for classes to bond, as they were free to interact outside the classroom.

Keppel/ Senoko Incineration Plants

Secondary 2 students visited the Keppel/ Senoko incineration plants for their Learning Journey. They have to collect information that they have learnt there to complete their assignments. It was a good opportunity for our students to work together and bond as they were allowed to interact and work with each other outside the classroom. This learning journey is indeed a great tool to enhance learning and allow students to be more interested in learning. The students loved this experience to learn outside of the classroom, exploring their surroundings to better appreciate the text.

Singapore Flyer

Secondary 3 students visited the Singapore Flyer for their Learning Journey. It had presented huge opportunities for students’ learning to take place. Students were needed to perform tasks or find information during the learning journeys in order to finish their e-learning assignments for English, Mathematics, Science and Humanities. It was a great opportunity for classes to bond, because they were free to interact outside the classroom.

Resilience Trail

Secondary 4 and 5 students, given their packed schedule to prepare for the national examination, had no e-learning assignments, and therefore a Resilience Trail was arranged for them instead. The trail (War & Peace: The Kranji Experience) brought them to various places, among which included the Sarimbun Beach and Kranji War Memorial Hall, allowing students to better experience the text describing the incidents that happened in Singapore during the World War II. They also better appreciated the fighting spirits of our forefathers and know that the freedom that they enjoy now do not come easy.