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Leadership Education


Student Leadership @ YCKSS
Every Learner a Leader, Every Leader a Learner



A student leader should graduate from the school to be:
  • a motivated leader: one who is able to see areas for improvement and possess the drive to learn (See through the completion of projects)
  • a confident leader: one who articulates his or her views and opinions effectively (public speaking skills)
  • an active leader: one who works effectively in teams and is innovative (Project Management and Problem Solving)
  • a concerned leader: one who is informed of current global issues and serves the community (keeps current of needs)


The school seeks to provide opportunities for each student leader to develop the five effective leader attributes at the end of their four or five years of secondary education.

  • Awareness of individual personality, strengths and weaknesses
  • Creative and divergent thinking
  • Motivation to lead: a need for responsibility, a need for affiliation and a need for achievement
  • Social appraisal skills comprising of social and emotional intelligence
  • Leader problem-solving skills, expertise and tacit knowledge

Student Leadership Structure


Level- based leadership Development

Secondary 1: Student Leadership Challenge Workshop
Secondary 2: NYAA Camp with focus on SEL competencies
Secondary 3: NYAA Camp with focus on leading in expeditions ; Service Learning Projects

Our Programmes


Training and development programme for the student leaders follow the ACE2 principle which incorporates the learning by doing approach:
  • A : Assignments (initiatives and key projects within school or in the community)
  • C: Courses (within school or by external organisations)
  • E: Exposure (External organisations or events)
  • E: Evaluation (within school)

Key Assignments for Leader SegmentsStudent_Leadership3.jpg