Twinning Programme - South Korea 

Youngil High School (2012)


Student’s reflection on Outgoing trip

“When we first met our Korean buddies, we were all so shy that the atmosphere was so tense that no one dared to speak anything. It was then one of the Korean buddies started the ball rolling by asking our names and our favourite colour. However, after some time, I feel that our Korean buddies were very friendly as they tried hard to talk to us and they have also welcomed us with warm smiles on their faces. It had made me feel more comfortable in a foreign country.”


Student’s reflection on Hosting

“Through this programme, I learnt more about Singapore. We went to many places and had a multitude of experiences. However, what kept me thinking during the five days was that it was not what we do that really matters but who we get to spend time together with. I am deeply thankful for the fact that we could meet these fantastic new friends and have a wonderful memory.”

HARAM SONG, Youngil High School

Highlights of Korea Twinning From 2010 - 2012

2010-2011 Korea Twinning (Hosting)
2011 Korea Twinning (Outgoing)
2012 Korea Twinning (Incoming)
2012 Korea Twinning (Outgoing)