Twinning Programme - Indonesia

Indonesian School (2012)
Students’ reflections
“The most memorable time I had during this trip was the visit to Saung Angklung Udjo, a cultural centre. The performances by the artistes were impressive. I was amazed by their ability to perform. Children as young as two were performing too.  I had an opportunity to use one of the instruments. Instructions were given on how to play the instrument. I realized then that there were different types of the Angklung. My friends and I had a very fun time playing the instruments along with our teachers.”

“The most memorable time for me was when we visited a school in Bandung. The name of the school was SMP Negeri 36 Bandung. I was pleasantly surprised when the students of the school performed for us when we were having our lunch. Although I was not able to communicate much with them because they were not fluent in English, I still managed to find out what subjects they learn. I was also surprised when I saw their classroom. They had wooden tables and chairs and they used the blackboard for their lessons. I realised how fortunate I was in YCKSS.”

Highlights of Indonesia Twinning From 2011 - 2012

2011 Indonesia Twinning (Hosting)
2012 Indonesia Twinning (outgoing)