Twinning Programme - Chennai, India

Lady Andal Venkatasubba Rao Secondary School (2012)

Student’s reflection on Outgoing trip
“Even though Singapore has more modern and high-rise buildings, I learnt that India is progressing as a country. One similarity between Singapore and India is that they both value education and families. The students are positive in their studies and have pride in their country and school. The trip taught me to be responsible for our roles – I was in charge of bringing the banner to every venue. It also made me more appreciative of Singapore’s safety and cleanliness.”

Student’s reflection on Hosting
“Through this experience, I learnt about how to host our foreign friends, and got to know more about my buddies and their family and friends. I think I showed responsibility throughout the five days as I would follow my buddies wherever they want to go and ensure they are well taken care of. I expect our trip to Chennai in November to be really fun.”

Highlights of India Twinning from 2012

2012 India Twining (Outgoing)
2012 India Twinning (Hosting)