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Information & Communications Technology (ICT) Department

Engaged learning with Plickers flashcards!.JPGYio Chu Kang Secondary School’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department seeks to support a community of active learners and collaborators by expanding learning possibilities and facilitating effective and efficient school practices using ICT. 

Through the work of ICT Mentors, the department designs and implements training programmes to build teachers’ capacity in tailoring and delivering ICT-enabled learning experiences to promote engaged and impactful learning. In 2016, a sharing session was organised to expose teachers to a range of Web 2.0 tools, such as Plickers and NearPod, which they can apply in their classrooms to allow real-time assessment of student learning. 

                                                                                            Engaged learning with Plickers flashcards!

Outdoor learning using mobile devices.JPGThe school’s ICT infrastructure has been continually enhanced to support teachers in using ICT for their lessons. In line with recent technological advancement, a wider range of mobile learning devices has been made available for use within the classrooms and beyond. These include the Microsoft Surface tablets that are now being used by students in the 3D Animation enrichment programme and Infocomm Club. Students also made use of iPads and Samsung tablets on learning trails such as the annual Math Trail and the Race to Sustainability 2016 at Gardens by the Bay

Outdoor learning using mobile devices

Another key area of work of the ICT Department is the management of information and data, which supports the school in tracking student progress and in using data to make decisions. The Knowledge Management Committee continues to review and make improvements to knowledge management processes to ensure information can be used in an effective, efficient and secure manner.

Students using Microsoft Surface tablets for their 3D Animation lesson.JPG

The ICT Department offers 3D Animation, Robotics and Videography to students as enrichment during curriculum time as part of the school’s Learning for Life (LLP) programme. To ensure continuity in developing students' skills, the Infocomm Club offers diverse and vibrant programmes in which students can hone their skills and develop their talents through club activities, competitions and trainings conducted by our experienced instructors.

                                                                                               Students using Microsoft Surface tablets for their 3D Animation lesson.

Teachers trying out new ICT tools (2).JPG

Teachers trying out new ICT tools 

Teachers trying out new ICT tools (1).JPG

Teachers trying out new ICT tools