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Character & Citizenship Education


Our Programmes

Our school desires to nurture a community of learners, leaders and innovators. In line with the school’s vision, through our Character & Citizenship Education (CCE) programmes, we hope to develop our students to be:
• Motivated learners who actively pursue, share and use their knowledge to understand and serve the betterment of others
• Confident leaders who are pro-active, contribute to the community and leave a legacy
• Creative innovators who are resilient, responsible and possess deep understanding of human behaviours

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In the year 2016, the CCE Committee carried out the following key programmes and events:
• Fortnightly CCE lessons (CCE, Education & Career Guidance, Cyber Wellness and Sexuality Education lessons) and Weekly Teacher Counsellor Guidance Periods 

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Cyber Wellness with SCGS 2.jpgCyber Wellness with SCGS 3.jpg
• CCE Rating of School Values to be incorporated into students’ Holistic Development Profile
• Social Skills lessons for Sec 1NA and Sec 2NT classes

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• School-based Education & Career Guidance (ECG) programmes, such as Career Day and Admissions Talks for various admissions exercises to PSEIs, the use of the ECG Hub for customised ECG lessons, Polytechnic Attachment Programmes, Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs) and Sec 4 and 5 Personal and Learning Mastery Workshops
• Various VIA  projects, such as the Sec 3 Service Learning Project, the Sec 2 Social Enterprise Programme and the NTUC Fairprice ‘Share A Text Book’ Project
• VIA team presentation at the Co-Curriculum Conference 2016

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Social Enterprise 2.jpgSocial Enterprise 1.jpg

Friend of Singa 1.jpgFriend of Singa 4.jpgFriend of Singa 3.jpgFriend of Singa 2.jpg• ‘Friend of Singa’ project 
where students proposed and carried out a project to bring the school community closer and make the school community more inclusive. Through the project, our ‘Friend of Singa’ student ambassadors won the Best Mural Award

• Coordinated the Monday GEMS sharing based on the school’s annual theme ‘As a Community, We Leave a Legacy’, and carried out by School Leaders, staff members, students and PSG members
• FamilyMatters@School parents workshops in partnership with Ministry of Social & Family Development, including the 2nd year implementing the Triple P Programme for successful parenting
• Partnership with other schools, such as:
o Sharing of best practices with Bendemeer Secondary School
o Customisation of Cyber Wellness lessons with Singapore Chinese Girls’ School
o Hosting of ECG lessons and ECG Hub trail with Naval Base Primary School