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Success Stories

Kathy Boey Siu Ching

"Congratulations to our former student, Kathy Boey Siu Ching, for having graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic with a Diploma in Business Enterprise IT with Merit, and awarded the prestigious SAP Asia Gold Medal and SAP Asia Award for Outstanding Project Work at NYP Graduation 2013."

Esther Subramaniam


Lee Jin Yee Brandon

Brandon Lee Scholarship.jpg

Ang Teck Huat 

Yio Chu Kang Secondary alumnus has done exceptionally well amongst his peers and graduated in the top 10% of his cohort, achieving a Diploma in Information Technology with Merit at Republic Polytechnic’s Graduation Ceremony 2013.

Edna Chai

p. 13 Edna Chai.JPGGraduated 2007 from Yio Chu Kang Sec Sch.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic 2011
Graduated - Diploma with Merit in Biomedical Laboratory Technology

Awards won
•    Lee Kuan Yew Award
•    Ngee Ann Polytechnic Outstanding Achievement Award
•    NUH Gold Medal & Prize
•    Diploma with Merit
•    Agilent Technologies Singapore Prize
•    Genecet Biotechnologies Prize
•    National Cancer Centre Prize
•    Olympus Singapore Prize

Edna is one of the Top Seven award winners among the 2011 Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) graduating cohort of more than 4,800 students. She graduated with a Diploma with Merit in Biomedical Laboratory Technology. She was awarded the Lee Kuan Yew Award (Mathematics and Sciences), which is given to the three most outstanding graduates from a technology course. Edna also won the NP Outstanding Achievement Award, which is given to a select group of graduates who have demonstrated all-round excellence.

Edna is pursuing a Degree in Life Sciences at the National University of Singapore under the National University of Singapore Undergraduate (Merit) Scholarship and the University Scholars Programme. 

“All these would not have been possible without the constant guidance and support from the YCKSS teachers. I'm extremely thankful to each and everyone of them, as well as the school's management committee for enabling me to learn and grow within a closely-knitted community that I consider as my ‘family’.

I would always remember that YCKSS was the spark that ignited my deep passion in learning and leading and that groomed me into who I am today. I'm definitely proud that I was formerly a student of YCKSS, a school that offers its students a great environment to learn and grow.”  Edna Chai

Kevin Seet

p. 14 Kevin Seet.jpg
Graduated from YCKSS 2001
L1R5 : 13
2nd in Standard

•    AVA Vice President
•    Science Society President
•    Chairman Badminton
•    Singa Award
Serangoon JC 2003
•    AVA president
•    Chairman Badminton
•    School of Design and Environment ( Major in Building )
•    Graduated with Honors 2nd Upper 2010 Bsc in Building
•    Selected for Student Exchange to US ( Penn State University ) 
•    2 time Dean’s List award winner for 
       -Penn State University
•    Applicant for Student Scholar for Post Graduate in Building (Green Building)

Looking back upon my years in YCKSS, undoubtedly the school’s mission statement would come to mind, “Growing today for where the world is going tomorrow.” The lessons that I have learnt here have more than adequately equipped me for the many obstacles that lay ahead in the subsequent years, be it in the junior college, army, university or life in general as we know it. I do not solely refer to the lessons confined to text and test, but the lessons on life skills and character as well, lessons that could have only been taught by the team of dedicated teachers here at YCKSS.

Coming to this school with a PSLE score of 197, these wonderful educators have taught me to reach beyond the reachable, which according to MOE projections at that time was a less than mediocre course in a less than mediocre Polytechnic. But through their hard work and dedication, I was able to make it to a junior college and onto the National University of Singapore where I stood toe to toe with students from the some of the best secondary schools Singapore has to offer. Where I am today I give full glory and credit to God and to His sure mercies in placing me in YCKSS where teachers do much more than simply care, they walk two miles with you when you only request for one, and for that I am forever grateful for the tremendous part they have played in my life.

It is therefore my privilege to join the ranks of many students with their own success story to tell and that such stories would indeed impact the lives of fellow YCKSS student in the generations to come. They always say a student is a reflection of the school and for that I sincerely hope that my life story till date has been one that has made the school proud. Thank you YCKSS.

Tan Yi Ning Steffi

RP Scholarship_Tan Yi Ning Steffi_Yio Chu Kang [Compatibility Mode]-1.jpg
Congratulations! Former YCKSS student receives RP Scholarship

Sandy Sum Yoke Ching

Sandy Sum.jpgGraduated YCKSS 2007

Graduated Yishun Junior College
A Level Examinations 2009

•    H2 Mathematics            B
•    H2 Physics                   B
•    H2 Economics              A
•    H1 Chemistry               B
•    H1 General Paper          B
•    H1 Project Work           A
•    H1 Chinese Language    B

Teo Bo Xian 

Teo Bo Xian.png

Graduated from YCKSS 2006

Graduated from Republic Polytechnic 2010
Diploma in Interactive and Digital Media with Distinction

Nur Quraishah Bte Haron


Graduated from YCKSS 2007

Graduated from Republic Polytechnic – Academic Award Winner 2010
Diploma of Biomedical Sciences (Merit Award)

Pavitra D/O Jayaraj


Graduated from YCKSS 2007

Graduated from Republic Polytechnic – Academic Award Winner 2010
Diploma of Customer Relationship and Service Management (Merit Award)