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Floorball is a fast paced sport encompassing skilful manoeuvres and athletic endurance.

As a sport, Floorball requires determination and discipline in our players to master their individual skills. As a team, they train together with a common set of beliefs, commitments and a goal to bring YCKSS Floorball to greater heights.


Teachers Training Days

Mr Rio Elijah Chua (ext 217)

Mr Yoohenthran Ponnudurai (ext 131)

Mdm Susan Ang (ext 138)

Mr Oswind (Floorball coach) 
Day: Monday
Time: 3.00pm to 6.00pm 

Day:  Friday
Time: 2.00pm to 5.00pm 

Committee Members 2016/2017

Lower Secondary Captain Ho Tong Zek Cypress (2E4) 
Lower Secondary Vice Captain Ilhan Matin B Iswandi (2A2)
Upper Secondary Captain Seah Song Jiang (3E2) 
Upper Secondary Vice Captain Ryan Ching Kay Joon (3E2) 
Shahrul Asyraf (3A2)

Key Events and Programmes 

2015YCKSS Under-17 Invitational Floorball Tournament (‘B’ division) 
2015 - 2016North-Zone ‘B’ and 'C' Division Inter-School Floorball Championship 2015-2016
 2016YCKSS Under-14 Invitational Floorball Tournament  
 2016YCKSS Under-14 Invitational Floorball Tournament ( ‘C’ division)

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3 Outrun.jpg4 YCKSS Under-17 Floorball Tournament.jpg
5 Bubble Soccer.jpg6 Friendship.jpg