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20150616_095255.jpgTo grow our students for where the world is going tomorrow, the Science department aims to equip our students with the necessary skills and attitude to be able to contribute actively in an increasingly technologically-driven world. We design a wide variety of programmes to cater to the differentiated needs of the students. Student-centric science lessons using the inquiry approach are carried out to stretch the students’ critical thinking and help them see the relevance of learning science in the real world context. 

20150818_154744.jpgAt Lower Secondary, the department adopts a thematic approach, with the four themes of Diversity, Models, Systems and Interactions, to deliver the Science curriculum. This will enable the students to appreciate the links between the different themes and thus allow for better integration of scientific ideas. This approach also provides more opportunities for students to use concepts and integrate skills and processes to inquire about phenomena around them.

DSCN5366.JPGDSCN5416.JPGAt Upper Secondary, the department offers various combination of science subjects to cater to the interest and aptitude of the students. Students in the Express course may choose to take up Physics and Chemistry, Physics and Science (Chemistry / Biology), Science (Physics / Chemistry) or Science (Chemistry / Biology). Students in 
the Normal Academic course may choose between Science (Physics / Chemistry) and Science (Chemistry / Biology). All students in the Normal Technical course will be offered Science at Upper Secondary levels. These subjects offered prepare our students for the multiple post-secondary pathways available. 



The Science curriculum is complemented by our Curriculum Plus. Besides learning in the classroom, students go on a learning journey to Science Centre Singapore and attend hands-on workshops. Higher ability students are further stretched in research projects and present their findings in the North Zone Elementz Science Research Conference for Upper Secondary and North Zone Elementz Science Project Competition for Lower Secondary.