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LJ at Milo.jpgThe Normal Technical (NT) Department aims to develop programmes that engage NT students in learning and developing skills that are necessary for work and personal growth. Every alternate Wednesday, all NT classes will spend at least two hours on a learning journey venue outside of school. These learning journeys provide authentic learning experiences for the students as well as develop closer relationships among the students and teachers.

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The Secondary Three NT students also picked up valuable work and life skills in work attachment programmes. Elements of Business Skills (EBS) Students took part in work experience programmes organised in partnership with Jumbo Seafood Restaurants and nEbO after their Mid-Year Examinations. 

Sentosa Skyline Luge.jpgTo further enhance their skills needed for their N-Level coursework in Secondary Four, the Secondary Three EBS students also took part in an EBS Coursework Workshop organised after their End-of-Year Examinations. They learnt skills such as conducting surveys and proposing ideas for a tourist attraction located in Sentosa. 

It is hoped that our NT students will develop a sense of pride in their work and cultivate a deeper love for learning. 

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