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Mother Tongue Language


Our Focus

• To provide more opportunities for students to use MT language so as to be a fluent and confident speaker.
• To improve the reading, writing and conversational skills of students. 
• To develop them as self-directed learners to enable them to achieve value-added results for MTL in the National exams.  
• To provide a platform and exposure for students with potential to participate in external competitions. 

Alignment to MOE new Initiatives for MTL Learning

Yio Chu Kang Secondary School has incorporated MOE initiatives with greater emphasis on the functional use of MTL; more authentic and contextualized in everyday real-life.
Use of authentic visual stimuli (e.g. picture and videos) in oral conversations;
Greater use of authentic materials (e.g. graphic stimuli, dialogues in daily events/   social settings, emails, advertisements, notices and news reports) and
Inclusion of functional writing (e.g. email writing – formal and informal). 

Our Approaches
Innovative Teaching Practices
ICT as Learning Tools
Structured Programmes
Active Participation-Engaged Learning
-Word games
-1 min Fame

Varied Teaching Strategies
-Pair work
-Group work
-Critical Thinking
-Collaborative learning
-Self-directed learning
-Philosophy 4 Children
-Experiential learning
-Communicative teaching

-Formative assessment (self-evaluation, peer evaluation, one-on-one feedback, alternative assessment) 
-Summative assessment (regular mini class test or quizzes)

Exposure to ICT tools

Educational Websites
-iMTL Portal
-AsknLearn Portal
-Luv Chinese FB
-Guru Fesbuk FB 
-Sangamam (TL)

Instructional Programme
-Sec 4/5 Value-add Prog
-Sec 4/5 Intensive Revision Prog
-Sec 3E Bridging Prog
-Remediation Prog
-Morning Oral Practice 
-Friday Reading Prog

Enrichment Programme
-MTL Fortnight Prog (workshops, food demo, traditional games, assembly performance, Learning Journeys, competitions)
-Sec 2 MT Camp 
-Conversational Chinese/Malay Prog

MTL Department had an exciting 2016 with many reasons to celebrate. Our annual MTL Fortnight programme and MTL Camp had been conducted successfully. Students were actively engaged and gave positive feedback on the activities organised for them. We also had traditional food demonstration as well as assembly performances to showcase the rich cultures behind the Chinese, Malay and Indian languages. 

MTL Fortnight Programme 2016

Sec 1
  • Traditional Games
  • Silat & Angklung Workshop
  • Story Telling Workshop
Sec 2 
  •  Chinese Culture Camp
  •  Culture Camp – Batik Painting
  • Cultural Camp 
Sec 3 
  • Learning Journey to Chinese Heritage Centre (3E)
  • Tea Appreciation (3NA)
  • Short Movie Sharing (3NT)
  • DJ Workshop (3E/3NA)
  • Dikir Barat Workshop (3NT)

  • Picture Framing (Language of photography) 
Sec 4
  • Music Sharing Session –“Xin Yao” (4E/4N/5N)
  •  Short Movie Sharing (4NT)
  • DJ Workshop (4E/5N) 
  • Dikir Barat Workshop (4NA/4NT) 
  • Oral Skills Workshop cum Motivational Talk
  • Morning Assembly Performance (MAP) - Chinese Dance
  • Food Demo - Popiah 
  • Morning Assembly Performance (MAP) – Kompang
  • Food Demo – Kuih Dadar 
  • Morning Assembly Performance (MAP) – Poetry & Music 
  •  Food Demo - Thosai

In 2016, the MTL department has achieved a number of successes in various competitions. Congratulations to our well-deserved students and hardworking teachers for their dedication and achievements.

Chinese Language 
1) National Mini Novel Writing Competition (1st in Secondary Schools Category – Tan Zhi Hui )
2) N6 Cluster Lyric Creation Workshop cum Competition – Kang Pei Xin Mathilda (2A2) and Lim Qian Tong (2A2) were featured in the Movie Clip for their group entry

Tamil Language
1) National Creative Writing Workshop (4th place) - Divyasri D/o Rajendran (3E1)
2) National Tamil Mobile Apps Creation Competition (Merit Award) - 
Krishna Kumar Tekashvee (1E1), Adithya Krishna Sujithan (1E1), Agnes Hephzinah Roche(2E1), Fauzia Naseem (2E1)

Malay Language  
1) National NIE Zoombara Amazing Race (2nd place) – Rahmah (3E2) Nurkhalisah Iffah (3E3), Nurul Sefrina (3E3), Benetta Cheng (3E3)
2) Zonal Scrabble Competition (4th place) – Nurul Sefrina (3E3), Nur Rizwana (4E2), Nur Hidayanti (4E4), Muhammad Asyraaf (4E4)
3) N6 Cluster Talk Show Competition (1st place) – Muhammad Fairuz Ahlam (3E2), Nurkhalisah Iffah (3E3), Raudhah (3E3), Ahmad Darwisy (3E3)