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The Mathematics and Principles of Accounts (POA) department designs engaging and fun learning experiences for all our students.  In addition to the school curriculum, special programmes are also implemented to enrich and provide enriching opportunities.

For example, a Mathematics Trail was designed by our teachers for all Secondary 1 to 3 classes in August 2016. A total of 18 teams participated in the trail where students learnt from the inquiry tasks at five stations set up around the school. Students used iPads to access the contents of the stations using QR codes.  Students gave very positive feedback and were all satisfied with the trail. 

Math Trail 1.JPG
Math Trail 2.JPG
Math Trail 3.JPG

Math trail 4.JPG

Math Trail Prize winners.JPG

Another key programme is the YCKSS-Barclays Bank Singapore Mathematics partnership. This is the second year that the school has teamed up with Barclays Bank with the intention of developing mathematical aptitude and love for the subject of Mathematics in the students. Each semester, a group of Secondary 3 students was given the privileged chance to gain real-life experiences with a world famous banking group. A total of 34 students led by 3 teachers participated in this program. The bankers at Barclays provided the trainings and personalised attention through small group coaching. Students developed key skills in financial mathematics by learning first-hand from the bankers on how Mathematics is used in the financial world. This experience also widened our students’ perspective on future career pathways.  Students valued the programme greatly and it will certainly be a very popular one when we continue with an improved programme next year.  

Barclays Sem 1 group.jpg
Barclays Sem 2 group.jpg

The Mathematics Department also organises the Improving Confidence and Achievement in Numeracy (ICAN) Programme, and Mathematics Programme for Foundation Math; and we send our students for Mathematics and POA competitions regularly.