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Design & Technology Department

The Design and Enterprise Department believes in providing authentic learning experiences through our programmes, and making Art, Music, Design and Technology, and Food and Consumer Education relevant to our students.

This year, for our Art programme, selected Art Club members and Sec 3 Art students demonstrated their innovativeness and creativity through the ceramic pieces based on the theme ‘Hope’, which were exhibited at the Yishun Community Hospital (YCH) on 28 November 2016, as part of YCH’s Opening Ceremony. The art pieces are meant to support YCH’s bid to de-medicalise and provide a warm and homely environment for their patients. 



Our Music programme is also robust, with our music teacher Mr Michael Cartwright providing students with opportunities to compose or perform specially choreographed pieces. For example, to complement the YCH art exhibition, our music teacher Mr Michael Cartwright worked with a selected group of students from Sec 1 and 2 to compose three music pieces. Additionally, our students also performed specially choreographed music, combining Kompang, Chinese Drums and Tabla with students from three other schools, at the Singapore Youth Festival Outreach at Causeway Point held on 10 July 2016.

(MU1)SYF outreach rehearsal. YCKSS,Woodgrove,Victoria, Chong Boon..jpg
(MU2) YCKSS, Chong Boon Kompang Rehearsal..jpg

In our Design and Technology programme, students experiment with abstract ideas to develop practical innovations. Our students also gain access to industry professionals through workshops. For example, on 19 July 2016, 25 students attended a workshop on “Making” by Keivor John, who developed the Tropism Wall exhibit for the Science Centre. 

For our Food and Consumer Education programme, we seek to empower students to be health-conscious and discerning consumers, thus enabling them to manage their lives for the present and the future. Our Sec 4 Food and Nutrition and Sec 1 Food and Consumer Education students participated in culinary competitions that brought cuisines from various ASEAN countries and fusion dishes together to commemorate International Friendship Day and Racial Harmony Day.